Saturday, December 13, 2008

Kashi Vishwa Vidyalaya

This is some interesting piece of information that I recieved from some one and I felt like posting it on my blog.

There was a sage, he had ful knowledge of all the 4 vedas,various scriptures, religious texts etc. But without passing on all this knowledge to any person he passed away but he didnot attain liberation. His soul kept wandering around in search of a disciple to whom he could pass on all his knowledge.

Years passed away,a man of around 15-20 yrs old looking for some one to teach him about the 4 vedas etc reached Kashi, when he came across this soul and expressed his desire to learn, the soul told him that he has to remain in this house with the soul for 18 years without going out of the house, the man agreed and stayed for 18 years, at the end of 18 years having attained ful knowledge, the soul said that his time has come to depart, the soul left for heavenly planets and informed his disciple that he should continue to stay at Kashi, he will be able to take any form.

There is a huge Black board at the entrance of Kashi Vishwa Vidyalaya and it is said that any one who wants to know about anything under the sun, if writes his question on the black board seeking for answers, when returns next day, you will find the answer to your question written on the black board.

No body knows who writes but it is said that this is the same Man who has attained ful knowledge and comes in disguise in any form, may be a brahmin or any other human being and writes on the black board, what ever reply is written on the board that is bound to happen without fail.