Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Good and Simple Things to do

The Indian Astrology says that if you know your "Isht Dev" (your appropriate God), just pray to him/her regularly atleast 4-5 times in a day and life becomes much easier, but strange to note that if theres only "One" God then where is the question of an appropriate God?. The Supreme authority of Godhead is definetely only One but the vedas talk about various demigods, known to be around 33 crores of them who are in charge and control of different departments as per the vedic scriptures which says like Lord Indra to be in charge of the Rains and seasons, similarly Goddess Lakshmi is the one who represents Fortune, Lord Kuber represents Wealth, Goddess Sarasvati represents Education, Lord Brahma represents the scientific knowhow, Similarly the 9 planets represent different things like Sun gives fame and authority, Moon gives emotions and a balance mind, Mars gives physical strength and also represents arms, ammunitions, Mercury responsible for intellect, fine speech, Jupiter gives knowledge and represents spirituality, Venus for a pleasing personality, good looks, diamonds, air travel, hotel industry, female, sex etc, similarly saturn is the lord of law and order, punishments, Iron, Oil, plumbing, colour black, dark blue etc. Rahu and Ketu also have certain things in there control.

Now as per your vedic horoscope if you know your appropriate God or Goddess, praying to him/her 4-5 times a day can do wonders as per the vedic astrology.

The vedic astrology and the rituals also suggest that one of the finest ways of reducing stress and trying to live a stress free life would be to lit a lamp every morning and evening regularly before the altar of Lord and just start noticing the slow positive changes that happen in your life in next 25-30days, this could really work, the flame moves upwards similarly the atmosphere around also generates positive energy to take our life upwards on a higher plane, our thoughts upwards to be more positive and peaceful, and then not knowing why, but the obstacles in day to day life if not completely gone but atleast start reducing to a greater extent.

Thoughts keep reeling in the mind, negative or positive most of the time but hardly the peaceful ones, and its become in human nature to keep struggling with these positive or negative thoughts because even they ignite anxiety, having fulfilled a particular desire, the thoughts move to some other target and this keeps on like a never ending story, it definitely ends with the end of life but only takes a short break at death and the same story starts all over again with the beginning of next life whether a human, animal, plant, an insect, or may be a super human.

But the Indian sciptures say that atleast being in touch with your appropriate God/Goddess can help one to sail through the ups and downs of life easily without much trouble

Meditation further is believed to do wonders, may be if we are actually able to sit for an hour or so and successfully go in deep meditation, it means for that one hour you are completely cut off from the materialistic world, gone deeper and deeper into the dark between your two closed eyes and further able to experience the presence of the Lord, would this not really put a massive positive impact on your inner self? would there be any kind of reactions happening within you? definitely it should happen.

This is not about teaching spirituality or religion, I would myself like to learn to be spiritual, its only about trying to find out the science of the "self". The simplest method one of which would be for understand your inner self would be to meditate on the Supreme Personality of Godhead "Lord Krishna", no rules and rituals are required to be followed for this.

May be this was the reason that in past it was tradition in indian households to lit a lamp daily morning and evening but with the passage of time these practices have reduced drastically and when these were followed, life was much simpler, easy going, peaceful and prosperous but the present times are full of struggle, so mechanical, faithless because these simple techniques are not applied these days which look simple but seem to be very much effective.