Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cutting Yourself From All Dualities And Anxieties

Things that may work:

  • Action performed should be devoid of desire for sense gratification thus one neither acts for sense gratification nor engages in any fruitive activities.
  • Abandon all attachments to results of actions and ever satisfied perform no fruitive work thus remain satisfied of gain that comes of its own accord.
  • Trying to remain steady in both success and failure.
  • Work performed should be definetely unattached to the Three modes of material nature, ie.the mode of goodnes, passion and ignorance.
  • Acts of sacrifice should never be given up like no meat eating, no alcohol, no gambling, mind control, charity, helping the needy, donating etc.
  • Without sacrifice one cannot live happily on this planet or in this life, what then of the next?
  • Mind is the friend of Soul and his enemy as well, one who has conquered his mind, mind is his best friend and to such a person happiness, distress, heat, cold, honor , dishonor all are same and thus he remains neutral in all situations and circumstances.
  • An important method to become free from the bondage of action is to realize and accept that the living entity in divine consiousness although engaged in all sorts of actions like Seeing, Hearing, Sleeping, Talking, Touching, Breathing, Moving around knows WITHIN HIMSELF  that he actually does NOTHING at all and HE KNOWS that while seeing, hearing, talking, touching etc ONLY the material senses of the body are engaged with their objects and he is aloof from them and has mentally renounced all his actions.
Material nature is said to be the cause of all material causes or material activities and its outcomes, and whereas the living entity is the cause of various enjoyments and sufferings (ie. cause of feelings of various enjoyments and sufferings and also the actual good and bad results of the actions performed) in this world.

The Living Entity as it comes in contact with material nature believes himself to be the doer of all activities and thus follows the ways of life enjoying the Three modes of material nature and thus he meets with good and evil among various species. Though in reality all these activities are solely done by the Three modes of material nature and the self does nothing at all but due to false ego the Living Entity believes himself to be the cause of activities and its results.

One who is able to understand this philosophy about material nature , the living entity and the interaction of the Three Modes of nature is sure to attain liberation.

WHO ACTUALLY SEES? - One who can see that all activities are performed by the body which is created of material nature and sees that the self (soul) does nothing at all, actually sees.


Practicing the above, one can be atleast sure of that anxiety and the dualities  are sure to get reduced to a good extend as he performs various actions, which anyway he has to perform as he is bound to perform. Practicing above , the mind remains cool , theres no rush, no hurry , no questions arise of victory or defeat, loss or gain, because anyway the SELF (SOUL) ( the self, that is you, yourself ) is not doing anything and being aware in your mind at the time of actions taking place you are aware that as you moved your hand it was the hand that moved but you being a different entity from your hand you did not do anything, that as you are seeing something, the eyes not being a part of you yourself, you did not want to see anything and only the eyes are responsible, etc. The working senses of your body in contact with the three modes ie goodness, passion and ignorance are responsible for all the actions but you yourself are unattached to all this. This will drastically drop all the dualities and anxieties thus reducing your stress and giving you peace of mind.

It looks like basically the art of cutting yourself from all dualities and anxieties.