Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Peaceful Mind Cannot Have Negative Thoughts..

"There is nothing to express, nothing to explain, nothing to live for and nothing to die for, void it is, or it is not. This universe is like a son of a barren woman which never came into being, similarly this universe has not come into existence, just how happiness doesn't exist without peace of mind."..

Man since hundreds and thousands of years has been performing actions to satisfy the body senses in various ways, but this practice of sense pleasure is itself the root cause of anxiety, and anxiety often cannot be controlled and if I am not wrong, uncontrolled anxiety obviously leads to a disturbed mind full of cravings and there the race begins to fulfil one desire after another which goes on endlessly, all the time some or other thoughts manifest to achieve one thing then the next and this goes on, either we fulfil it at the cost of somebody else or other times we may succeed by not hurting others but in our mind all sorts of contemplations, calculations go on in physical, mental and verbal forms.

Only if mind is brought under control of the self, when there is nothing much to communicate , nothing much to express, no attachments with worldly objects, relations, etc. when you are free from all sorts of emotional attachments, free from love, hatred, likes and dislikes, neither you are in a situation that you are mentally and emotionally dependent nor others are depending on you, in the sense that neither you live for others nor die for them, understanding the reality that this world is temporary and over here nothing exists for ever. When nothing is permanent, time, periods, life, relationships, achievements, failures, emotions, attachments, all this disappear in short period of time but still man in a state of ignorance thinking all this to be permanent engages his mind in this complex network of life and suffers.

I am not saying that we should not perform our actions, our duties , but the idea behind all this is to perform with a detached mind, as if outwardly your body is performing all daily chores of life and inwardly your mind is unaffected by the result of all these actions , obviously when there is a firm belief in the unreality/ non permanent state of this universe, there is nothing that mind of such an individual has to explain or to express, he doesn't live for anything nor he dies for anything and still performs his actions only as a matter of duty and he is always at peace and happy.

With a regular practice of this state of mind, one can reach to a state deep within himself, losing all material attachments, becomes unexpressive, losing interest in world affairs,) his mind reaches the state equanimity and silence, he is living but without a purpose, as he is non attached he doesn't want to die for anyone either, from inside he becomes empty and void as if though living on this planet, he is not living, as if he doesn't exist at all though physically he exists, the mind obviously rests in peace and in a state of being happy with himself..