Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What can be liberation ? (UPDATED)

What can be Liberation ? (Updated)

Liberation or Moksha, we have heard this so many times. From this material plane called Earth, liberation means to be free from the bondage of birth, youth, old age, disease and death. Does it finally mean to be free from life struggles, pain and unhappiness and remain in a state of happiness forever. If we talk about happiness, then again it's obvious that the existence of happiness is only with the existence of life. And the existence of life is measured in duration of time. So in other words this universe in itself is the cause of bondage. Total liberation means realisation of total non existence of the universe, but this universe is under the bondage of time, so does it mean that total liberation means realisation of total non existence of time. Obviously when you want to be liberated, it means you want to be liberated from time also.

Since ages mankind talks about freedom from this life itself which is known as "liberation". It also means that the Spirit Soul is embodied by the physical nature (body) which is a product of the five elements - Earth, water, fire, ether and air.The Cosmic consciousness is the seed giving father for these five elements and these five elements are the seed giving father for this universe. One of the ways out is to revolt against the same by completely cutting down the elements of physical nature ie.False ego, dualities, anxieties, qualities of being good or bad and total surrender before the Supreme person as he is himself beyond anxieties, dualities, he is beyond being good or bad, beyond false ego. But this is from religious point of view.

From practical point of view it may be like to always remain in a neutral state, one who is not entangled in attachments, happiness, and unhappiness. Who is free from greed and lust. Who accepts the results that come on its own accord though may be desired  or undesired by him, as a will of the cosmic consciousness and one who has renounced mentally all material activities, anxieties and dualities although may be from outside still performing all actions. Such a person may be considered liberated.

Liberation and bondage it seems is only a state of mind. Man gives birth to unlimited desires hence where there is desire and a dependency of achieving happiness by fulfilling the said desire, where can liberation come from? A living entity who is already under the clutches of material things obviously can not even think of liberation.

The birth of "desire" itself  is the cause of "distress" and hence the cause of "bondage".  It means the "desire" to be liberated itself obstructs liberation. Because again you are desiring something, "desiring liberation".  It's only when your mind rests in peace, in a state equanimity, nothing desirable but nothing not even undesirable, when you are ever satisfied, enjoying within that you can be said to be liberated.

The entire universe is within the mind, even the notions of bondage and liberation.when mind ceases to be materially conditioned and reaches the state of equanimity , it becomes "no mind", there is nothing to desire not even liberation

Our scriptures say Liberation is not on the other side of sky, nor is in the nether world, nor on the earth. One way is the extinction of mind resulting from eradication of all desires is regarded as Liberation. Its basically when we separate ourselves as a second entity from the Infinite, pure consciousness, the question of liberation arises. The One who is established in what is infinite, pure consciousness, bliss and unqualified non duality, this really gets close theory wise - "Unqualified non duality", to such a person where is the question of bondage or liberation, seeing that there is no second entity?.

The thought of desiring liberation comes when we believe there is a second entity. A very interesting information from the Yoga Vashishta on liberation - "Liberation is the realization of the total non - existence of the universe, this is different from mere denial of existence of ego and the universe", "By persistent practice egotism is quitened. Thinking of "that" alone, speaking of "that" alone, conversing of "that", utter dedication to "that" alone can lead to liberation.
Ignorance, life forms, mindstuff, bondage, impurity, evil deeds all are synonyms, they are simply words with same meaning. This entire universe is non-different from the Cosmic consciousness that dwells in every atom, in each and everything, right, left, centre, above, below, within, without etc. Just how the ornament is non-different from the Gold.

Yoga Vashishta further states that the object exists in the subject, but when this notion of object is firmly rejected and removed from the subject, what is left is consciousness alone. This is awesome.

Cosmic consciousness or the super soul or also known as the unborn creator has only one body and that is spiritual but mortal beings have two bodies - physical and spiritual. The unborn creator has only the spiritual body because the cause that gives rise to physical does not exist in him. Now the nature of the unborn creator is of dual nature - Consciousness and Thought. Consciousness is pure but thought is subject to confusion. The unborn creators consciousness supports the entire universe and the thought that arise in the universe takes a form. But the creator is not subject to this delusion. This material universe is outcome of a thought of the cosmic consciousness and hence is unreal. It can be termed as real only because it exists out of the real cosmic consciousness but otherwise it can also be termed as unreal because it can not exist on its own without cosmic consciousness.

Now liberation can be realized or the unborn creator can be realized only if one is firmly established in the unreality of this universe. In this state the intellect is not required because the knowledge, the knower and the one to be known exist as "One infinite super soul"


Sunday, September 13, 2015


The Science of Work..

The kind of work as per ones nature, how passionate you are towards your work and the level of commitment, these three things lead to failure or success in that work. The material nature is a produce of the Three modes of nature - the mode of goodness, the mode of passion and the mode of ignorance. According to Vedanta, the living entity under the influence of these 3 modes of nature develops a particular kind of nature and should work accordingly as per his nature. From scientific angle and as per the Vedanta theory there are 5 causes for accomplishment of all actions - the physical body, the soul, the various body senses, different kinds of endeavour and the super soul. But there are 3 more factors that motivate action - knowledge, understanding and the object of knowledge. Unless you do not have the knowledge on what the action is to be performed, the object which is involved, and the right understanding by which one knows what is to be done and what is not to be done, what is to be feared and what is not to be feared, what is binding and what is liberating, right  action can not be performed and completed.

An important factor which can not be neglected is that a living entity has to perform action as per the nature acquired by him. A soldier can not become a school teacher and a school teacher can not go on the war front to face gun fire. Every individual should adopt the kind of work which suits his nature. As Lord Krishna says that he has already divided the society in 4 major divisions- a) The Brahmin (teaching class), the Kshatriya (protectors), the vaisya (traders/merchants) and the Shudra (workers), the living entity acquires a particular nature under the influence of the three modes of nature and develops a skill accordingly.  Success or failure in any work is related to many other factors and circumstances also.

If I go a little deeper, according to Yog Vasisht - There is no division between mind and action, before it is projected as action it arises in the mind, with the mind as its body. Action is nothing but the movement of energy in consciousness. When such action comes to an end, mind comes to an end too. It clearly means the source of all action good or evil is mind alone. Karma or action takes different forms in different circumstances. The gold in ornament is said to be an ornament but still it is gold. Karma in different surroundings may change but still it is karma. Pure movement in consciousness is karma or action without an independent doer. When it pursues the fruition of action it is known as karma. When it entertains the notion "I have seen this before", it is known as memory. When the effects of past enjoyment continue to remain, it is known as latent tendencies. When it is consciousness of the truth that the vision of division is the product of ignorance, it is known as knowledge. When it moves towards greater self - forgetfulness and deeper involvement in false tendencies, it is known as impurity. When it entertains the in dweller with sensations it is known as senses, when it creates confusion between reality and appearance it is known as Maya. When it thinks I am bound, there is bondage. When it thinks I am free there is freedom. The Vedic texts talk about The entire universe to be within the mind, even the notions of bondage and liberation. Neither the body nor the enlightened being actually undergoes suffering. It is only the ignorant mind that suffers. It is only in a state of ignorance that the mind dreams of the world appearance , not when it is awakened or enlightened. In all experiences of happiness and unhappiness, as also in imaginations and hallucinations, it is Mind that does everything and it is mind that experiences all this. Mind is Man.

Monday, September 7, 2015


The Living entity since hundreds and thousands of years has been performing actions to satisfy the various senses of the physical body for sense gratification. 

The primary goal of the living entity throughout his life is to contemplate various measures for body satisfaction – the different parts of the body that are constantly creating new desires and then finding ways to fulfill these desires are – Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue and Skin, other than these 5 senses there are another 5 working senses – Voice, Legs, Hands, Anus and Genitals. And one more most important sense is the Mind which is also known as the sense within. So in total there are 11 senses. The complex network of these senses and the objects associated with them like smell, taste, form, touch and sound along with the element of false ego, intelligence and the three modes of material nature and lastly the 5 core elements which are considered the seed giving father to the universe – Earth, water, fire, air and ether and their representations – desire, hatred, happiness and distress, all these together are causes of actions and reactions, various sufferings and enjoyments.

This material body is a product of the material world and the material world is a product of the three modes of material nature - The mode of Goodness, the mode of passion and the mode of ignorance which are also known as Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic. The living being in this endless material nature thus follows different ways and lifestyles under the influence of these three modes of material nature.

It's so obvious that even our thoughts manifest according to these 3 modes of material nature and we experience happiness and distress accordingly hence what we think is what we are and what we receive. Till here it explains the existence of the universe materially or you can say it is real on ground level but there is one more angle to it which can not be avoided. The other concept is that this universe and its objects are an illusion. All this universe is only a reflection of God itself.

Even as Lord Krishna says - "The working senses are superior to dull matter, mind is higher than the senses, intelligence is still higher than the mind and Soul is still higher than the Intelligence. The Soul has the power to think, thinking, thought or mind all these are one and the same. Infact even there is no division between mind and action , before it is projected as action it arises in the mind, action is nothing but movement of energy in consciousness. When such action comes to an end, mind comes to an end too. It is said that "Creation" is but agitation in Consciousness.

The absolute Brahman or the Infinite Consciousness is all Supreme peace, unborn, pure consciousness. The notion of "I am this" is the sole bondage in this world. Nothing is ever being created anywhere, at any time, nothing arises and nothing comes to an end too. This entire universe is only a product of the mind. this universe is infact within the mind. When the mind created the idea of Sun, sun was born, when it created the idea of 5 elements - Earth, fire, water, air and ether, they were born, similarly when it thought of liquid, water was born.

Its basically like this - as an object is reflected in the mirror and it seems as if it was inside the mirror, the soul reflects the external objects and activities and soon begins to think that they all are within itself and that he is the doer of actions and the experiencer of experiences. In this state it is known as Soul. The mind makes the unreal real and vice versa and on account of this it seems to enjoy and suffer.

As the great Saints said - 

Whatever one thinks within oneself in his own intelligence, that alone is experienced by him. To a suffering person a night is an epoch, and a night of revelry passes like a moment.  

The Mind creates numerous ideas of objects or existent things. The understanding settles which is which. The heart discriminates which is agreeable and which is disagreeable, these are the forces that impel to act. The objects of the senses (physical body) are superior to the senses. The mind is superior to those objects. The understanding is superior to mind. The Soul is regarded as superior to understanding, when understanding of its motions forms ideas within itself, it then comes to be called Mind. 

Thus it seems that mind alone is the cause of all causes and effects. Hence it is said that the mind when in control of the living entity becomes his best friend, otherwise his worst enemy.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Unfavourable Conjunction of planet Mars and Venus in the Zodiac sign of Cancer..

The placement and transit of planets play a very important role  in Astrology. The destiny of an individual depends on these planets, the Mahadasha of the planet he or she is going through, whether a particular planet is weak or strong in the birth chart and of course the actions performed by the individual.

At present the conjunction of planets Mars and Venus in the zodiac sign of Cancer is not considered auspicious. Planet Mars is all about action and aggression, will power. And planet Venus is all about love, finance, luxury, comforts etc. Every planet gets exalted and debilitated in some zodiac sign and planet Mars gets debilitated or weak in the zodiac sign of Cancer because Cancer is the sign of emotions, sentiments ruled by planet Moon. Here Mars doesn't feel comfortable because it's nature is all about action and aggression and has nothing to do with emotions and sentiments, hence here Mars though still has to show his powerful nature puts negative energy on planet Venus which is sharing the zodiac sign of cancer with planet Mars for the time being.
Venus which signifies money matters, financial markets is facing the negative aggression of Mars hence there is extreme volatility in the stock markets. Also chances of criminal activities by celebrities.

Till mid September 2015 the scenario is not good and May last till month end. Also planet Jupiter is combust for some time due to closeness with planet Sun.
In 2nd half of September 2015 Rahu will throw its negative aspect on his old enemy Sun and Sun will lose its power (surya grahan) . Combination of Mars and Venus also causes natural disasters. Particularly all those having Aquarius ascendant will face health problems and obstacles, losses. Pisces ascendents may face problems related to there children, stock market losses. Aries ascendent individuals may face property disputes or their mothers may have health issues, Taurus ascendents may have differences with their neighbours and friends, Gemini ascendents may have financial problems, cancer ascendents may become aggressive in their approach and obstacle in studies, Leo ascendents may incur high expenditure and losses in long distance travels, Virgo ascendents may have trouble from their social circle, Libran ascendents can have trouble in their profession and business, Scorpio ascendents may have issues with their in laws and obstacles in higher studies, Sagittarius ascendents can face sudden ups and downs, Capricorn ascendents may have differences with their life partner and business partner and difficulty in trade and business.

Ascendent is the 1st house in the birth chart.