Thursday, January 26, 2017


SAGITTARIUS the optimistic zodiac..

Sagittarius is said to be the most spiritual sign of all the zodiac signs. They have a family who believes in structure, order and discipline. Family background is simple.

Most of the time it's found that their mother is religious but sensitive too. Their children are hard workers and do well.

Sagittarius can attract or target anyone even without putting a glance on them. Their intuition is very strong. They can easily change as per the circumstances.

They are very optimistic and can pull others out of their bad situations.Their life partners are very communicative and intelligent because they themselves prefer a communicative and entertaining partner.

They like to work in areas which require researching, calculating, they like to go in detailing. They are also good in teaching profession, astrologers, agriculture, religion, speculation, finance, banking etc.

They can gain weight very quickly and may have problems related to liver, stomach, thighs, intestines, etc.

Generally their father is a hard worker, very down to earth and simple in lifestyle. The symbol of Sagittarius is an archer whose upper portion is a human body and his lower body is of a horse.

This symbol shows that they achieve their goals and whomever they target is easily caught up by their magnetism and charismatic approach.

Their elder brother and sisters if any are very friendly and like to socialise. As Jupiter has its influence on the spiritual Sagittarius, they also practice spirituality, meditation. They are also interested in mysticism, occult science, etc.

They are good when it comes to deal in finance, stock markets, law, writing profession, etc.

Bharat B Bajaj

Monday, January 23, 2017

MOON transit in Scorpio between 23/1/17-25/1/17

MOON unfavourable transit between 23/1/17-25/1/17 in the constellation of Jyeshtha falls under the mystical Scorpio and moon doesn't like to be in this position.

Moon transits in Jyeshtha constellation under the mystic sign of Scorpio between 23/1/17-25/1/17. In this position Moon loses its energy and reacts negatively. Jyeshtha constellation in Scorpio is a bit cruel in its approach because of the energy of planet mars in the sign of Scorpio.

Moon will continue to remain so in this sign for next 2days. There will be extreme mood swings with those whose sign is Scorpio and their mother may also face some problems.

Here Moon is also placed with Saturn, saturn being dry and harsh planet with the emotional moon is not a good conjunction.

Scorpio should remain calm for next 2days and avoid any complications and arguments. In mythology moon loves to be in the opposite constellation of Rohini which falls under the sign of Taurus hence most of the Taurus sign people are lucky and planet moon always favors them but Scorpio moon is opposite to Taurus and here moon becomes aggressive and volatile.

Lot of mood swings and extreme emotions can be seen. Scorpions got to stay calm for next two days and as a remedy -tonight the moon will influence between 8.30pm- 9.30pm and between this period if one donates milk or rice it can give good results or may at least reduce the bad effects.

One may donate anytime in these two days. Also Scorpio got to be careful with their mothers health.

Bharat B Bajaj

Saturday, January 21, 2017

PISCES..Romantic zodiac

Pisces, the most romantic sign of all the zodiac signs. Family members are active but at times aggressive too. Their early childhood is quite restless and stressful with lots of ups and downs.

They talk very straight but at times are harsh too. Mother is very communicative and active. Their life partners are very intelligent and practical in their approach. They themselves are not so religious but they are spiritual.

Their father is very knowledgeable and commands respect. Generally they do not get along well with their siblings. Their house of romance being ruled by the planet of love and beauty - Moon, as such they become very romantic and creative.

But it depends on various other aspects and placements of other planets in the horoscope.
They can have chest, lungs, bones, throat, cough, cold, related health problems..

As they are ruled by Jupiter they are prone to gain weight. Pisces symbol are the two fishes moving in opposite direction which means their mind is restless. If moon goes weak in their chart they are unable to control their emotions but with an exalted moon they become head strong and very intuitive.

Because their subconscious mind gets the exalted power of Moon and Venus their intuition power is very strong and generally their impression about others is quite correct.

An exalted Venus in their chart gives them attractive looks because Venus loves the sign of Pisces. Generally their social circle consists of people who are very practical and down to earth.

Their enmity with others if any is open and known to every one around. Generally their occupation is something to do with knowledge, learning, religion, banking, agriculture, food industry, finance, law, etc.

Bharat B Bajaj

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CANCER zodiac sign and its mood swings..

Cancer runs on emotions. It's one of the most emotional signs of all the zodiac signs. They are deeply attached to their family but often do not show it.

Because of high Moon energy their minds can read in between the lines. They can know the circumstances around including people, places even before others can find out.

Their emotions can work for them both ways positive and negative. Others can take advantage of them because of their extreme mood swings.

Although they are very intelligent but their soft heartedness puts them in difficult situations. Their family is of opposite qualities - very strong, family commands respect, name and fame. Their younger brother and sister if any, are very intelligent.

Lord Ram, cancer zodiac sign - his entire life pattern was based on emotions. He showed the highest level of emotional strength.

Cancerian are also good in communication and mathematics. Generally they are good in studies. Their mother likes to socialise.

Their life partners are very down to earth and hard working but with a seriousness in behaviour or nature because they are so focused in their work. Life partners are very strong mentally and physically.

Cancerian are religious too. And when it comes to their profession they are very quick and active. Father is also very active. They have a good circle of friends and relatives. Their elder brother and sister if any, likes to socialise a lot.

Those Cancerian who struggle with mood swings should chant the moon mantra "Om shraam shreem shroum saha chandraaye namah"

Bharat B Bajaj

Monday, January 16, 2017


Your zodiac sign and your relationship with family - Parents, brother, sister, cousins, including relatives both paternal and maternal.

These guys are very shrewd as far as family relations is concerned. Generally they know what to speak and when. Because of this attitude they are able to strike a balance and get their things done.

They love to enjoy life, enjoying in their closed circle of family is important to them.

When family matters come, Taurus is intellectually involved. For them also entertainment and enjoyment with family is of prime importance.

They socialise with their family members and lot of communication and interaction is involved between family members.

Though being very intelligent but when it comes to family members they become emotional. They are emotionally attached to their family or they prefer to be that way.

Lot of sentiments are involved when family is concerned, the only negative side to this could be extreme mood swings while interacting with members of the family.

The type of family surroundings they have is somehow connected with name, fame and respect. They come from a respected background.

Though they themselves are emotional but their family members are not so.

Family members are very intelligent. Intellectuality connected with each other. Very practical. Lot of mental energy is involved.

Lot of communication among the family members.

There is lot of fun and entertainment involved among family members. Family members are easy going and also spend a lot.

Members of the family always insist on equality and uniformity in the family.

There is some sort of mysticism in the family atmosphere. The communication style among members is dry and harsh too. There is tendency among family members to hide something from one another.

If mars is well placed then there is lot of energy seen among the members and they encourage each other to be successful.

Lot of religious and spiritual activities can be seen in a Scorpio family. There is lot of knowledge sharing with each other. Can be said a family whose interested in wisdom, mantra, tantra etc.

Scorpio can also have large sized family, many relatives both paternal and maternal side.

Their family surroundings is dry and one of structure, order and discipline. It's not negative. Basically their lifestyle is simple, there is less communication between the family members.

Family members are very hardworking and not so emotionally attached.

Again a dry atmosphere in the family. It's not negative, it simply means they communicate with each other but only that much as required. No useless communication. There can be lot of struggle periods but they face the obstacles and come out victorious.

Interaction among family members is not so smooth but when they are united as one family, no body can trouble them.

They have a large family, with lot of members from paternal and maternal side. Lot of cousins, uncles, aunts etc. The communication style between the family members is knowledge based.

Lot of knowledge sharing with each other and love to socialise with the family members.

Family members are very active, physically and mentally. Lot of physical action with family members like travelling, sports, exercise, as a group the family is always on a go.

Restless family who do not prefer to sit at one place. And lot of energy can be seen.

The placement and aspect of malefic planets will change the above results..

Bharat B Bajaj

Friday, January 13, 2017

MAKAR Sankrant (Sun transit in Capricorn)

Makar Sankrant and Astrological significance..

Makar Sankrant is the transit of the Royal planet Sun in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is owned by planet Saturn.

Sun is the father of Saturn and here father goes to visit his son Saturn to finish enmity with him. He stays there for a month. Hence this day is considered auspicious to end all differences and enmity.

As Sun transits in Capricorn it's goes north for next 6 months hence its called Uttarayan.

As Sun enters his enemies zodiac sign ie. Capricorn his energy increases hence to protect from the rays of sun particularly on this day we apply sesame seed oil all over the body and for internal greasing of the body we eat it too in the form of sweets.

Sesame is one of the oldest cultivated plant as an oil seed. Even Egyptians used it as a medicine which dates back to 3600 years. Even in ancient Babylon, women used a mixture of honey and sesame seeds to prolong youth and beauty and Romans ate the mixture for strength and energy..

Sesame seed oil has been used for oral health for thousands of years in the traditional Indian medical tradition known as Ayurveda. It is capable of fighting against various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer cells. Is also used as Infant health massage. etc.

The day of Makar Sankrant also symbolises the importance of special relationship of father & son. As such father should visit his son and offer him gifts and his blessings.

In Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna said if one dies in six months from Suns transit in Capricorn gets final liberation (moksha) and at other times one has to come back for rebirth. In Mahabharata, the great Bhishma decided to leave his mortal body on this day while he was lying on the bed of arrows.

It's believed that on this very same day Maharaj Bhagirath brought River Ganga down on earth. On this day Lord Vishnu destroyed all demons.

Wishing you all a very happy Makar Sankrant in advance

Bharat B Bajaj

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Planet Saturn and Sun

Planet Saturn is the 2nd largest planet after Jupiter. Saturn is the son of Sun. But this Father and Son do not get along well in astrology. As they both are opposites in their qualities and nature hence Sun rules the daytime up to the point it sets and then Saturn rules the night time.

They both are equally powerful but still father will always remain father. Sun being the king gives orders and Saturn abides by it. But Saturn and Sun have their own time frames which differ.

Saturn only acts as per his time frame (Saturn time) and not as per Suns. Hence we are not aware when Saturn will give its result, we only know the time cycle on planet earth as per its motion around Sun but Saturn has his own time cycle too.

He gives results as per his time cycle, not as per the time which we are aware of on this planet earth which is calculated as per sun rise and sun set.

Saturn firmly believes in structure, order and discipline. It showers good and bad results as per our deeds. Currently three zodiac signs are under the strong influence of Saturn - Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn known as 7.5 years period.

Saturns aspect on these three signs can be good or bad, it depends from person to person.  Saturn being the slowest moving planet is said to delay things but this is not always true. It doesn't delay, it gives  results as per his time (Saturn time).

Indications that show if any person is strongly influenced by Saturn- person will have lot of hair on his body, will have a strict or reserved nature, he may have tendency to tell lies (but this is as per various other planets position also), strong bones, he can be tall.

Saturn is friendly with the planet of beauty Venus. As Saturn is cold it rules the west and sun rules east. The western world is strongly influenced by Saturn hence out of sheer discipline, hard work, they have progressed materially. Saturn is snow and sun is fire. There is more snowfall in west compared to east. Sun is the significator for spiritual progress. Sun is the soul in us who directs us towards final liberation (moksha).

The world cycle goes on endlessly, but final destination of the soul is to attain moksha after going through many births. Even the entire universe faces dissolution and again after eons the world cycle again begins.

When it dissolves it's believed that all have attained final liberation and when the world cycle again begins, all planets again take birth and materialism also takes birth. Again both Saturn and Sun play their respective roles and the world cycle goes on till it's next dissolution.

Bharat B Bajaj

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


In Astrology they say Gemini can sell ice even to Eskimos, they are so smart talkers. They rule the world of marketing.

Hence generally their profession has to do with sales, marketing, media, entertainment, event management, writers, singers, computer, modeling etc.

They have dual personality hence it becomes difficult for others to understand them. They talk sweetly. They come from a peaceful family background. It's like when they talk every one listens and enjoy their company. Their younger siblings if any are a bit extravagant and lavish in their style.

Their father loves to travel and gains name and fame. He is respected by others. Mother is intellectual who likes to go into detailing. Gemini get along well with mother usually as compared to father. Gemini has a beautiful personality and sharp features.

They do well in studies up to schooling but are less interested in higher education. Because of their  dual nature they often lose their focus in life. They get confused in deciding because of two minds they have, both minds tell them to go in opposite direction.

But because of their dual personality they are so quick in analyzing. They have two minds and others have one. You cannot beat a Gemini in their game.

Many times their partners have a tough time to cope up with them. And partners are also spirituality  inclined and they are not so.

The problem with Gemini is they change their decisions very quickly hence sometimes are unpredictable. But this is not true with every Gemini.

Their social circle consists of very hyper active friends, relatives. Their elder brother or sister if any are very active and often good in sports.

Because they have a restless mind they can fall into depression, blood related problems, brain disorder, sleeping problems etc.

Bharat B Bajaj

EGO in Astrology..

Ego is the "I ness" in us. Strangely this "I ness" doesn't last long and as the god of death pounces on us, our  ego is completely destroyed.

Like a fool we remain glued to our ego all through out our life time. In astrology planet Sun is the significator of our ego. But planet sun never says to boost it, Sun itself simply commands respect.

Because he is the creator of all other planets in the solar system he commands respect and all planets move in its orbit, it represents the ego in us.

He himself is light and ego. But when we pretend to act like him (the sun) we become egoistic. One can not pretend, it should be natural. We can command respect but we cannot demand it. It has to come naturally and that is what real sun is in all of us. But it gets effected as per our behaviour.

The zodiac sign of libra represents the masses, to work together in co-operation but planet Sun himself defines authority and leadership hence feels frustrated in libra because here he has to act in co operation with others (masses).

Sun cannot become the subject, he is the king himself, he rules over his subjects. Hence he cannot become libra, which is also a favourite sign of the bitter enemy of Sun, planet Saturn. Saturn believes in co-operation.

With the arrival of death our ego is destroyed and our true blissful self is attained (soul, which is the real SUN in us). Sun is the soul and moon is the mind. As per our good deeds the soul (sun) commands respect and a better life in our next life.

Sun is golden in colour, our soul is the sun and all our deeds are recorded in our soul and accordingly we get the next life. It is the computer chip which records all data which we use. This also is represented by Sun.

It's a pity, as we try to satisfy our ego, the sun in our horoscope loses its power and hence out of frustration gives us negative results like obstacles, enmity, heart problems, differences with father, problems from government, litigations etc.

Bharat B Bajaj

SUFFERING in life and what Astrology says..

As per Vedic astrology and Vedanta theory, we as souls migrate through various life cycles taking different body types, looks, nature, etc as per our past karmic deeds.

Planet Sun the creator and the king of all the planets in the solar system signifies our soul. We the soul and planet Sun are one and same in Astrology.

As the God of death pounces on us, it reads our souls past deeds recorded in soul itself and gives results in the form of our next life which can be good or bad.

Soul (Sun) records all our lifetime deeds. It's the same computer chip which records all data so that we can use it in future. The colour of the computer chip and sun is golden.

If you want to find out true nature of your soul, look at the position of sun in your horoscope. If Sun is badly placed it means your soul wants to hurt others in this life or might have troubled others particular his father in his previous life.

You may notice when you are suffering, that time you also have differences with your father (Sun planet).

Other planets too play an important role in different areas of life. But all our sufferings are decided by the data stored (our this life deeds) in our soul (Sun).

When sun rises we too rise from our sleep to face the good and bad situations for that day. It's simple, Sun only highlights our right and wrong deeds and then orders other planets to give results accordingly. Sun being the king only orders and other planets do the actual work.

Thus remaining planets controlling various other departments like our looks, strength, memory, speech, our though pattern, struggles, gains, losses, life style etc, these planets do actual work to give us a particular type of life.

Hence according to the results of these planets we enjoy or suffer in different walks of life.

Bharat B Bajaj

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


World is nothing but your mind, whatever your mind creates you live in it. This world is an outcome of desire that emerged in mind. Universe, mind, thoughts, life forms, happiness, distress, loss, gain, this, that, his and mine etc all are synonymous.

Once upon a time in a city which did not exist, there were three princes who were brave and happy. Of them two were unborn and the third was not conceived. Unfortunately all their relatives died.

The princes left their native city to go elsewhere. Very soon they fell into a swoon unable to bear the heat of the sun. Their feet were burnt by hot sand. The tips of grass pierced them. They reached the shade of three trees, of which two did not exist and the third was not even planted.

After resting there for some time and eating the fruits of those trees, they proceeded further.They reached the banks of three rivers; of them two were dry and in the third there was no water.

The princes had a refreshing bath and quenched their thirst in them. They then reached a huge city which was about to be built.

Entering it, they found three palaces of exceeding beauty. Of them two had not been built at all, and the third had no walls. They entered the palaces and found three golden plates; two of them had been broken into two and the third had been pulverised.

They took hold of the one which had been pulverised. They took ninety-nine minus one hundred grams of rice and cooked it. They then invited three holy men to be their guests; of them two had no body and the third had no mouth.

After these holy men had eaten the food, the three princes partook of the rest of the food cooked. They were greatly pleased. Thus they lived in that city for a long long time in peace and joy.

This is an extremely beautiful legend, remembering this always, one grows up into a learned man. What is known as the creation of the world is no more real than this story.

This world is nothing but pure hallucination. It is nothing more than an idea. In the infinite consciousness the idea of creation arose: and that is what is.

This world is nothing more than an idea; all the objects of consciousness in this world are just an idea; it's better to reject the error of ideation and be free of ideas; and remain rooted in truth, attain peace.

Bharat B Bajaj

Monday, January 9, 2017


Wisdom is a lifetime achievement and not an overnight success.

The road to immortality is to first develop a pure intention to achieve it. Then to enquire through self the purpose of your life, to enquire what this life is all about?. What is this birth and death both of which we experience in a matter of short span of 70-80 years and have been experiencing it since time immemorial.

Having realized the goal to attain, one needs to make his mind extremely subtle by meditation and concentration on the formless form of the almighty.

Reaching this state, the truth is known that the super soul and we the soul are one and the same just how waves on the surface of the sea and the sea itself is one and the same.

When this is realized all attachments and bondage is dropped completely because now with whom to remain attached and to whom to be bonded with?

Crossing this stage, even objectivity is dropped, as every where, up and down, here and there, within and without only one super soul is seen.

When you even cross over this stage and go beyond all this you attain final liberation or moksha.

Bharat B Bajaj

Sunday, January 8, 2017

GOD and you..

In reality neither the universe, nor the experiencer of this universe exists. emptiness also does not exists. What only exists is consciousness, to whom we have given various names Lord, Super soul, God, Infinite consciousness, Krishna, Jesus, Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Goddess Lakshmi etc.

He is void in layman term but he is neither full. If he was void then he is powerless but if he is full then he has limited himself and both are not possible. He is in between these two.

Everything is from him, he is the source of everything, he himself is everything, yet he is unattached to everything, because he is non dual the question of attachment and non attachment does not arise in him,

He himself is what is to be known, this super soul is in all of us which alone exists but is expanding in various body forms in us, he is within and without, in and out, he is beyond and within the stretch of eternity.

He has no beginning, no end and hence no middle also, he has not been created, he is beyond the limits of time and space. He is the abode of blissfulness, he exists in all of us, in everything, everywhere, even in gods and demigods.

He is omnipotent, omnipresent, pure, tranquil, he is knowledge, that alone is God or cosmic consciousness. He is pure consciousness. In your mind you want to imagine how he looks like?- Develop a full understanding that this universe does not exist then what remains is the supreme lord, consciousness.

As we living entities and the super soul from which we are created have same characteristics, we are both are one and the same. Out  of ignorance we it seems not even ready to enquire into the reality of what our life is all about?

The famous Austrian Irish physicist Schrodinger once wrote -

“This life of yours which you are living is not merely a piece of this entire existence, but in a certain sense the whole; only this whole is not so constituted that it can be surveyed in one single glance. This, as we know, is what the Brahmins [wise men or priests in the Vedic tradition] express in that sacred, mystic formula which is yet really so simple and so clear; tat tvam asi, this is you. Or, again, in such words as “I am in the east and the west, I am above and below, I am this entire world.”


The world exists and it also does not. It exists for the one who believes in its existence and for the one who totally realise in utter non existence of this world it does not exist (those who have attained moksha and those rare ones who continue to exist on this planet but being fully detached doing nothing internally but only appear to be doing externally).

It all manifests in your mind. If your mind says you are important then you are, if it says this life is real then it is, if it  believes in the existence of pleasure and pain, then they exist.

But if the same mind sees this world as an illusion, believes in the non existence of time, periods. If mind sees only the infinite consciousness in each every atom, if it realizes the existence of infinity to the stretch of eternity then all this is what the mind sees and believes, in this case there are no worlds, no universe, no relations, no pleasure and pain (materially), not even bondage and liberation.

The pain and struggle that one experiences from the changeover of childhood to youth and from youth to old age is only out of belief in existence of the material world. Obviously something that is material will give you material pleasures and pain and something that is non material won't give you any material pleasures and pains because the cause that gives rise to materialism does not exist in the infinite consciousness.

Infinity is infinity, it never came into existence hence it cannot perish too. It is always there forever. The cause that gives rise to its destruction does not exist in it. The infinite consciousness is the middle between the existence and non existence of this universe because it alone exists. It doesn't go any change whatsoever. It doesn't depend on anything, non duality does not exist in it. It's "one" with no beginning, no middle and no end to it.

One who lives in it, thinks of that alone though still living like any other normal being is untouched by the miseries of this world, because he sees that happiness and unhappiness, loss and gain, this and that, mine and his, etc all these chase each other but he remains aloof from them untouched by emotions, untouched by the existence of this world which appears to be real.

In a such an awesome state his own body becomes the source of ultimate delight. It doesn't make any difference to him whether he is young or old, rich or poor, because he has known the truth

Bharat B Bajaj
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Action defined as per Vedic science..

Astrology and the science of action..

Pure movement in consciousness is karma or action without an independent doer. (Sun)

When it pursues the fruition of such action it is known as karma.(mars)

When it entertains the notion "I have seen this" it is known as memory. (Mercury)

When the effect of past enjoyment continue to remain, it is known as latent tendency.(ketu)

When it is consciousness of the truth that the vision of division is the product of ignorance it is known as knowledge. (Jupiter)

When it moves towards greater self forgetfulness and deeper involvement in false tendencies, it is known as impurity. (Saturn)

When it creates confusion between reality and appearance, it is known as Maya. (Rahu)

When it thinks "I am bound", there is bondage.

When it thinks "I am free, there is freedom.

Materialism is the cause of material planets like sun, mars, saturn, Jupiter etc. Material is dual, non material is one. Material action is as per the influence of the heavenly planets as per our past deeds.
We can not run away with our wrongs and fool these planets. Right action is possible only with right intention. If intention is wrong, the action may result as per your desire but the planets soon catch up effecting your memories, your physical action, your level of knowledge, your struggles, your obsession, your gains and your freedom.

Bharat B Bajaj
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Saturday, January 7, 2017

SUN and Lord Vishnu..

Sunday is ruled by the royal planet Sun. The king of all the planets. To pacify and receive blessings of Sun offer your prayers to Lord Vishnu.

In astrology Vishnu is the most powerful material manifestation in the list of Gods, the most powerful Vishnu mantra - Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaye. Chanting this mantra gives peace of mind, good health and gives a smooth sailing life.

For those whose Sun is placed in the zodiac sign of libra should definitely chant this beautiful mantra. Sun is not fond of libra. And Saturn the enemy of Sun loves libra. It's like how enemies friend is also considered an enemy similarly Sun gets irritated and loses its power in libra.

But you got to check the placements in your horoscope. One should also not trouble his father because Sun reacts negatively. Blessings of father and Sun are co related. The majestic Sun gives us light and dispels darkness from our life.

The kingly Sun is a father figure, how under the shade of a tree we feel protected and secured, similarly our father gives us protection and comforts in different walks of life.

Bharat B Bajaj
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LEO sign

Leo a majestic zodiac of all the zodiac signs. Very vibrant, lively and full of life.  Leo is under the domain of planet sun, the royal planet but if malefic planets like Saturn or Mars put their influence on Leo then it tends to effect its lively and full of life attitude and they behave negatively. But all this depends on other planets, their aspects etc.

But otherwise Leo are wonderful beings. Larger then life. They are highly intelligent but not very quick in their communication skills. They are leaders. At times they have ego problems. They are lucky as far as finance is concerned.

There life partner is easy going type. One who loves entertainment and comforts of life. But their partners are also philosophical and deep thinkers.

They do well in various fields like acting, art, politics, business, medical fields, etc. Either they socialise a lot or they prefer to stay aloof and only mix with their close friends and family. They are the centre of attraction.

Overall they are very lucky. But when their ego is hurt they show their wild negative side. They are not very talkative like the Gemini or Aquarius but most of the time when they talk others can learn a lot from them.

Just how when the lion roars other animals remain quite. Leo is a dominating zodiac hence they got to be careful with their dominating attitude which sometimes puts them into problems. Most of the Leo's are successful because they know the difference between dominating and leading.

They have a good personality, charm and attractive features.

Bharat B Bajaj
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Astrology and SLEEP PROBLEMS..

If at night time you are unable to get proper sleep, or you always have a disturbed sleep. Then you check the 3rd house, 5th house and the 12th house of your horoscope.

The malefic planets if placed in here or aspecting them are the cause of your uneasy sleep. The basic remedy that can be done is chant the moon mantra.

At night Sun loses its power and Saturn takes control, which is obviously required as nature has to balance both day and night. Night is controlled by planet Saturn and Moon. 

If in your horoscope Mercury, Mars, Sun are placed in your 5th or 12th house. Particularly 12th then you can get poor sleep. Because these are high energy planets and if activated in your sleep areas in your chart then you have to struggle with your sleep.

If you are not sure of these planetary placements and their aspects, just chant the moon mantra. Moon controls night as said earlier. Chanting moon mantra will pacify your mind and will make it rest giving you proper sleep.

The mantra is - "Om Shraam shreem shroum saha chandraaye Namah"

Do this just before going to sleep, it will start giving you better sleep.
Bharat B Bajaj

Friday, January 6, 2017

The COMPATIBLE zodiac signs..

How humans vary in nature - emotional, strong hearted, restless, introverts, down to earth etc.
Similarly the 12 zodiac signs also differ in nature, some signs are soft, some are aggressive, some are playful and then there are some who are down to earth.

Aries Sign -
They are physically active, they do well in sports, this is one of the favourite signs of planet mars and energy of mars can be seen in Aries. They are extremely restless. They are vibrant, charming, have a beautiful smile. They are emotionally attached to their mother. Their father is a man of structure, order and discipline. They can get along well with Sagittarius, Virgo

Taurus Sign -
They are down to earth, flexible, love to socialise, travel, this is a favourite sign of the planet of beauty Venus and moon. A very stable mind and intelligent too, they have a beautiful face, and have good communication skills. Good in financial matters, their mother is dominating. They get along well with Virgo, Gemini

Gemini Sign -
They are very quick, highly intelligent, masters in communication, they know many languages, good salesperson, good in mathematics, calculations, they like to flirt, socialise, they party hard, they are not stable and seem to have dual personality. A favourite sign of the intellectual Mercury. They get along well with libra, Leo.

Cancer Sign -
They are very emotional and close to their mother, father seems to be s strict personality, very intelligent and cautious, they too are good in talking, they have a analytical mind. They love to read and be indoors, they are homely and like to stay in a beautiful house. The most auspicious of all planets Jupiter loves this sign. They get along well with Pisces, Sagittarius

Leo Sign -
They are dominating, very lively, have a pleasing personality, they love politics, creativity, they are calculative in their approach. The royal planet Sun likes to be in Leo. They like to party and socialize. They get along well with Gemini, Taurus

Virgo Sign -
They are cautious and calculative in their approach. They are born critics, very practical and down to earth. Highly intelligent and good in mathematics. The intelligent planet Mercury enjoys this sign. There mother is religious and father is good in business and trade. They get along well with Aries, Capricorn

Libra Sign -
They are easy going, they enjoy shopping, though they are balanced in their approach, they tend to sometimes go out of control like they may spend a lot, there father is emotionally attached to them and mother is a bit dominating and of disciplined approach. The planet of beauty Venus and the strict Saturn feels comfortable with libra. They get along well with Gemini, Capricorn

Scorpio Sign -
They are restless, very passionate, intelligent, they observe things around, analytical mind, mystics, very knowledgeable, they are good in secret affairs, occult science, secret agents, they can be reformers too but their restless mind becomes a hurdle for them in different walks of life. Mars the hot planet loves this sign. They get along well with Gemini, Pisces

Sagittarius Sign -
They are always in a learning mode as they like to acquire more and more knowledge. Very sharp in their approach, they religious too, they think twice before speaking, but once they get along they turn out to be one of the best companions, they are party animals. The fiery Sagittarius is loved by Jupiter and sun. They get along well with Leo, Aries

Capricorn Sign -
They are very practical in their approach, very dry at times, they are disciplined in their approach. They love to socialise but they have a limit on it. There mother is very active and father easy going. The disciplined and hardworking Saturn likes this sign. Normally they are introverts and have their fixed set of social circle. Very hardworking. They do well with Taurus, Virgo

Aquarius Sign -
They are easy going but extremely unpredictable, sometimes they socialise a lot and other times they prefer to be left alone in their deep thoughts. The structured and philosophical Saturn enjoys to be with Aquarius along with Venus. They have a pleasing personality and are concerned about the welfare of the society, hence are in deep thinking mode trying to find out the means for an improved society. They get along well with libra, Gemini

Pisces Sign -
They are soft in their approach, even their speech is soft, they also tend to have mood swings and a dual nature, father seems to be religious and mother easy going. The auspicious Jupiter just loves this sign and the planet of beauty Venus feels exalted here. They always have a smile on their face. They get along well with Scorpio, cancer

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Astrology can play a very important role when it comes to deal with your life partner.

It's obvious things opposite to each other compliment and attract each other. Black and white look good together. Man has to give protection to a woman, woman has the right to demand protection from him. Opposite qualities compliment each other.

Simply look at the planet sitting in the 7th house and the zodiac sign in it, ie. the number which is written in there. These two things will tell you about your partner.

Once you understand this through your horoscope it will become easier for you to handle your partner.

1) Sun or zodiac sign Leo placed in the 7th house indicates a dominating partner, sun a royal planet, prefers every thing royal in his or her life. Your partner may have ego problems, the way out is you got to accept your partner this way by sometimes feeding his/her ego and other times staying aloof.

2) Planet moon or cancer sign in 7th house - your partner is very moody and emotional, sometimes elated, other times depressed. He or she expects a loving and caring partner. If you don't show your emotions it will become a difficult marriage.

3) Planet Mars and Aries or Scorpio in your 7th house, if mars is in the 7th house, then you had it. Your partner will show signs of aggression, anger. Can be abusive too, this is a difficult place for mars, If Aries or Scorpio is seen with no mars then it's a different story as things are milder but with signs of aggression.

4) Planet Mercury and sign Gemini or Virgo in the 7th house indicates a beautiful and intelligent partner, has excellent talking power and good in business and trade particularly if Mercury is placed in there. You got to be at par with your partner.

5) Planet Jupiter and sign Sagittarius or Pisces in the 7th house indicates an intelligent and knowledgeable life partner. He or she will be a guiding force.Jupiter a planet of higher learning, your partner will be religious and spiritual.

6) Planet Venus and sign Taurus or libra in the 7th house shows a life partner who is very passionate, loves to socialize and prefers all comforts of life. The negative side to this is you or your partner may have extra out of marriage relationships but again depends on various other factors of your horoscope.

7) Planet Saturn and sign Capricorn or Aquarius in the 7th house - a partner who is a hard worker particularly if Saturn is in the 7th house, this person believes in structure, order and discipline, strict in his or her approach. If it's only Aquarius or Capricorn then things are milder. An Aquarian here will be a deep thinker, a creative person and a Capricorn a hard worker, very down to earth.

8) Rahu or Ketu in the 7th house, they both are shadow planets hence they can hide something about your partner, may be something minor or major, depends. Rahu and Ketu are like smoke, how smoke covers everything around for sometime and when it disappears things are seen, similarly during later part of life something's related to your partner which was unknown to you will be known.

In all above placements and aspects many other things have to be looked into, these are just basic indications of what kind of partner will you have.

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Thursday, January 5, 2017

TIME - does it really exist?

Time consists of 3 parts - past, present and future, future does not exist right now, past no more exists now and present takes no time to vanish , as such where is time.

Just because of performance of an action which happened, either it's happening or it will happen in future, the illusionary birth of time took place otherwise there is nothing known as time, it's an illusion.

A moment is like an epoch to one in distress and for the one in happiness, a night of revelry passes like a moment. As such the question of existence of time or measuring it does not arise.

There are 14 different planes of existence as per Vedas and all are bound by different time scales. All this together is only infinite consciousness.

The famous quote from the Rigveda "Who verily knows and who can here declare it, whence it was born and whence comes this creation?The Gods are later than this world's production. Who knows then whence it first came into being?He, the first origin of this creation, whether he formed it all or did not form it, Whose eye controls this world in highest heaven, he verily knows it, or perhaps he knows not".

There is no Middle, no beginning and no end to it. When there is no beginning, obviously it cannot have an end too and hence the question of anything in between does not arise. Hence where is the question of measuring it in time.

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The Science of life..

The science of life is what astrology is all about. It maps your past life and present life in the form of a horoscope.

Your strengths and weakness are determined by the positions of planets, zodiac signs, 27 nakshatras, the 12 houses, etc.

The complex network of all this is studied and calculated and the truth is known. Some people are successful in life, others have to struggle because the planets predetermine our life pattern as per our past life karmic deeds.

It's obvious one cannot run away with their own wrongs and these planet and zodiac signs catch up to give results good and bad for our past life deeds hence we get a particular kind of life, our looks, family, enemies and friends, wealth, success, failure etc.

The planets that make us struggle need to be pacified by different astrological remedies like prayers, offerings, mantra, sacrifices, charity, etc.

The foremost remedy is not to hurt and cheat anyone. Astrology is like any other science, for example when we are having cold and cough we are told to restrain from having anything cold. Similarly if we hurt others how can we expect laws of karma not to punish us.

The horoscope clearly determines the struggles one faces in his/ her life and that area needs to be handled with astrological remedies. But above all these remedies is the supreme lord, if he listens to your prayers then even these remedies may not be required.

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Total realisation that this world is a temporary phenomena. One day the God of death will pounce upon us just how a tiger pounces on its prey.

When life itself is temporary, even all other relations like wife, children, father, mother, friends and even enemies all are temporary. it's foolish to have any attachment for these worldly relations and make ourselves suffer.

To realise and understand that at the time of birth the moment we come in contact with this material world and universe, we are conditioned by the qualities of nature and thus are forced to act in accordance with the nature.It's a pity that we are unaware of this fact.

To know about the qualities of nature that compel us to act according to them and having known, to transcend these qualities, thus remaining free from them and thus remaining free from their reactions which are both good and bad.

The qualities of this nature are the three modes - The mode of goodness, the mode of passion and the mode of ignorance which we should transcend and remain untouched by them.

The mode of goodness gives good results, the mode of passion results in anxiety, stress, temporary happiness etc, the mode of ignorance results in distress, inauspicious acts, madness, unhappiness.

Because of being forced to perform action under the influence of these three modes at different times one faces both happiness and distress in different walks of life.

Having full knowledge about these three modes and its influence on us, one should thus transcend all these three and still perform action only as a matter of duty, action that needs to be performed as per circumstances is untouched by these three modes and has no reaction.

Karma is not developed when your actions as such has no reaction.

Thus when there are no karmic deeds, the question of good and bad deeds doesn't arise.

Having known that this world and the universe is temporary and  nothing exists for ever - life, relations, happiness, sadness, gain, loss, fear, etc everything vanishes in a matter of time.

Time consumes everything, from generation to generation. It means this world and the universe itself is an illusion. With firmly establishing this truth one who continues to live is undisturbed by the flow of desires and cravings for body pleasure because now he has realized the illusionary nature of this universe.

Having fully realized that only Infinite consciousness alone exists to whom we also call God, Lord, supreme personality, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Jesus, Allah etc is without any form. He is formless,and endless, all these universe and worlds are nothing but he himself. Thus he is even beyond time.

And we all and the infinite consciousness are actually one but as we desired to experience ourselves as a different identity, we became soul and he the super soul.

The secret to immortality or longevity lies in all the above paragraphs. It's simple if with our minds we intend to believe in the existence of this world, then the world will surely exist for us, for example - we want to believe in the importance of the ornament made of gold and its beautiful design but isn't it that the ornament and the metal gold are one and the same. If the ornament is melted it's nothing but gold.

Similarly just how the ornament is given importance, we have given importance to this unreal world which actually is unreal because the world has come out of the infinite consciousness thus they both are one only but only appear to be two different identities.

Now when you see everything as infinite consciousness alone, what is there to be stressful about, to be anxious about, what is there to fear, where the question of existence of time exists?, what is there to be elated about being young or distressed about being old?

When time, periods, life, universe, coming and going all are synonymous and actually is only one infinite consciousness, then even where is the question of bondage and liberation?. What are we bonded in and from what we have to free ourselves?

Having established in this truth and further realizing that all the good and bad we are facing is as per our karmic deeds coming forward from our past lives according to which we are born in this life with set of latent tendencies which are both good and bad and they become our habit in this life.

The bad latent tendencies we should drop them one by one complete because if we stick to them they will again give us bad results and make us suffer, and the good latent tendencies to be adopted for a happy and peaceful life.

How much self control we have over our mind from engaging our body senses in seeking sense pleasure, i.e. the firm an decisive renunciation of craving for sense pleasure. There is nothing wrong in being happy but if our happiness depends on seeking pleasure for our body senses then as this happiness ends, distress will follow because now the body senses are in search for new pleasure.

How self contended are we, someone is not happy even with all sorts of pleasures and comforts and there are others who are at peace and self contended with the little they have. You cannot define what is the threshold of little and more. It's all in our mind. If our mind says we are happy and contended then we are, but if the same mind says that what we have is not enough then we are distressed.

The type of food that we eat plays a very important role as far as struggles and comforts are concerned. The food should be pure, healthy, neither very salty nor very sweet, should not be excessively bitter too. Diet should consist of mainly natural foods, fruits, salads, green vegetables, etc.

There are two types of living entities - one is a fool and the other intelligent - The intelligent practices concentration and meditation thus always keeping his mind under his control untouched by fear,anxiety, anger and stress, cravings, thus when he leaves the world he goes at his own sweet and will without much struggle. But the fool who doesn't practice meditation, at the time of arrival of death goes through lot of hardships and pain, because he is so much attached to this unreal world believing it to be real, he has to experience the properties and characteristics of this world, i.e. creation and dissolution, birth and death, pleasure and pain. Hence when he has experienced pleasure during his life time how can he not experience pain at death?

The quality of your circle of friends and relatives plays a very important role to decide the quality of your life. Evil company will give you evil lessons to learn and evil thoughts and evil experiences, where as company of good, saintly, knowledgeable people will give you pure thoughts, good lessons to learn and happiness.

The best companionship for you is your own self. As earlier said that one supreme and pure infinite consciousness alone exists and we are nothing but a particle of it, when we and the infinite consciousness are one and the same. And when we know that he himself is the abode of ultimate happiness and bliss, it only means we can easily enjoy our own company because we ourselves are that infinite consciousness. We can easily rest in our own self and enjoy within.

The truth cannot be denied that all these planets, stars, this world, all exist due to the power of that infinite consciousness or god what ever we name it. Hence we need to remember that super power by offering prayers, meditation, sacrifices, charity etc. because just how holding our fathers hand we feel secured similarly being in touch with that infinite consciousness will make us feel secured, happy and at peace right up to the point of arrival of our death.

Last but not the least, every action and reaction is as per the laws of karma and our divine sages thousands of years ago understood the means through astrology to know these laws of karma and their results by mapping them in the form of a horoscope which is nothing but a persons karmic deeds and its results and along with it giving us the remedies to pacify the heavenly planets, gods and goddesses by offering prayers, chanting mantra, sacrifices, charity etc. As such astrology plays an important role in our life.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


The zodiac sign of Taurus is a beautiful sign. Very glamorous. For those whose sign is Taurus, pleasure is the name of game. They love to travel long distances to beautiful places, very good in handling financial matters.

Normally there parents are easy going, but there mother is dominating. There children do well in education. At times they can get extremely emotional.  Normally they have good circle of friends who are educated.

Some eminent personalities who are Taurus Mark Zukkerberg, Sachin Tendulkar, David Beckam etc.
Planet Venus who signifies beauty, pleasure and comforts has a strong influence on Taurus but they are also prone to diabetes, thyroid, brain disorder etc.

You can not force a Taurus in something. There are sudden bouts of anger though it's rare but if disturbed then you better had it. You cannot run away with your own wrongs from a Taurus.

It's like either they win or they completely ignore you to lose.

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It's only mind that makes you experience good and bad, anxiety and fear, happiness and sadness. It's reality a pity that mankind totally under the control of mind is struggling since time immemorial, facing all hardships, and grows old, effected by diseases and finally vanishes.

A complete wastage in the name of living, contemplating, arguing, planning, cheating, hoarding & finally dying. The world would become a better place only if mind is under the control of man

A pure mind, free from lust, greed and anger, neutral to both loss and gain, who looks upon all beings with equal vision, having brought under control the sensations of pleasure and pain, a self-controlled person. He who, though living amongst all is unaffected by them, neither feels elated nor hates, even as one is during sleep

The restless mind which is full of cravings for pleasure should be cut asunder with the weapon of self knowledge that these cravings and desires are of temporary nature. And it is the nature of desire to desire more after one desire is fulfilled. Look yourself within, the soul resides in the space of your heart which is but a fraction particle of the infinite super soul .

That infinite super soul residing as soul in you is one and the same super soul , the ocean and its waves are one and the same. It's the infinite super soul which is resting in your heart , listen to it and not to the outside world which is full of chaos and confusion and which exists only as an appearance just how an image of lion appears in a painting .

It's foolish to get agitated and fearsome seeing a lion on a painting. Similarly what's the need to get disturbed and distracted by the outside world and why not to remain established in self and in a state of equilibrium enjoying within, unaffected by the evils of life.

In this state you will listen to all but your ears will take in only that what is worth listening, your eyes may see all but your vision will be only on that what is worth seeing, you won't speak much but only that what is worth speaking, what you speak will become music to ears. You will be liked by all.

Thus your thoughts fully under your control will be focused only in realising the truth that the infinite consciousness alone exists , that your thoughts are itself nothing but the the infinite consciousness itself , in such  a state what is required to be thought , to contemplate, to calculate when other than the infinite conscious nothing else exists. You as an infinite consciousness becomes friends with the infinite consciousness that you yourself are, there is no duality , only one remains , you and your blissful self.



Only if mind is brought under control of the self, when there is nothing much to communicate, nothing much to express, no attachments with worldly objects, relations, etc.

When you are free from all sorts of emotional attachments, free from love, hatred, likes and dislikes. Neither you are mentally and emotionally depending on others nor others are depending on you, neither you live for others nor die for them.

Realising that this world is temporary and over here nothing exists for ever. When nothing is permanent, time, periods, life, relationships, achievements, failures, emotions, attachments, all this disappear in short period of time but still man in a state of ignorance thinking all this to be permanent engages his mind in this complex network of life and suffers.

Moon is the significator of mind. To have a steady and undisturbed mind chant the moon mantra, drink lots of water, wear silver. But if moon is badly placed in your horoscope avoid wearing silver.

Moon loves the zodiac sign of Taurus and dislikes to be in Scorpio.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

SUN in Astrology

SUN in astrology:
Sun, the royal planet in astrology, As we know Sun gives light hence in which ever house in your horoscope it sits it illuminates that house. Sun is the significator of our prestige, ego, authority, how dominating we are, It commands respect, it also signifies politics, politicians, high status, people who are on high posts like Government servants, IPS officers, CEOs, even surgeons, celebrities, fame, your father etc.
The placement of Sun in your horoscope decides how influential you are, your status in society. 
If SUN IS IN YOUR 1ST HOUSE in your birth chart, it means this person commands respect. People look at him with a positive approach. His father is very close to him and father also commands respect in society. Though this placement of sun may also make him egoistic but not necessary as aspect of other planets on sun has to be considered.
SUN IN THE 2ND HOUSE - This person loves to accumulate wealth and also likes to show off his richness. He is in a commanding position in his family and very close to his father. His father seems to be the bread earner in the family. This Sun may cause stress between family members due to ego hassles.
SUN IN THE 3RD HOUSE - It makes this person very courageous, loves teamwork but is the leader of the team. Good in creative fields like event management, arts, dance, media etc. Father may be religious.
SUN IN THE 4TH HOUSE - loves to accumulate properties, vehicles, parents are dominating. He lives like a king, has broad chest, parents may also be professionally successful. 
SUN IN THE 5TH HOUSE - Bright chances of being a successful politician, he is a celebrity, very creative, loves to speculate, his children are successful. Has high profile contacts. Loves to be in the lime light.
SUN IN THE 6TH HOUSE - may have troubles from those with high status background, trouble from government, tax related issues, headaches, fever, weak bones.
SUN IN THE 7TH HOUSE - This placement is not so good, may have differences and ego problems with your partner, others also look at him as if he's a dictator, others talk ill about him. This person may behave rudely but again as I said earlier other planets placement is also to be seen before coming to a final conclusion.
SUN IN THE 8TH HOUSE - This person finds it difficult to keep things secret. And he/she may give out even that information which he/she was not supposed to. This is also not a good placement for Sun.
SUN IN THE 9TH HOUSE - here Sun does well, person is very knowledgeable, religious. But his ego may rise and make him proud of his knowledge. Father commands respect and may be religious too. These guys like to read and write and travel long distances.
SUN IN THE 10TH HOUSE can give professional success. He/ she is very much attached to father. Father may also help them in their career. This person commands respect. And others turn to him for advise. Can do well in various fields like politics, acting, government jobs, banking, he may be a celebrity, etc
SUN IN THE 11TH HOUSE in your horoscope and this person gains a lot, his elder brother may be famous. This persons incoming profits are good, can do well in business and trade also.
SUN IN THE 12TH HOUSE- A show off who likes to spend a lot and show his richness, this is not considered a good place for sun. Father spends a lot. Person may be a doctor, a jail administrator, somebody who is managing retirement homes for aged, child care centres, he/ she may be interested to attain moksha, etc.
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