Monday, January 16, 2017


Your zodiac sign and your relationship with family - Parents, brother, sister, cousins, including relatives both paternal and maternal.

These guys are very shrewd as far as family relations is concerned. Generally they know what to speak and when. Because of this attitude they are able to strike a balance and get their things done.

They love to enjoy life, enjoying in their closed circle of family is important to them.

When family matters come, Taurus is intellectually involved. For them also entertainment and enjoyment with family is of prime importance.

They socialise with their family members and lot of communication and interaction is involved between family members.

Though being very intelligent but when it comes to family members they become emotional. They are emotionally attached to their family or they prefer to be that way.

Lot of sentiments are involved when family is concerned, the only negative side to this could be extreme mood swings while interacting with members of the family.

The type of family surroundings they have is somehow connected with name, fame and respect. They come from a respected background.

Though they themselves are emotional but their family members are not so.

Family members are very intelligent. Intellectuality connected with each other. Very practical. Lot of mental energy is involved.

Lot of communication among the family members.

There is lot of fun and entertainment involved among family members. Family members are easy going and also spend a lot.

Members of the family always insist on equality and uniformity in the family.

There is some sort of mysticism in the family atmosphere. The communication style among members is dry and harsh too. There is tendency among family members to hide something from one another.

If mars is well placed then there is lot of energy seen among the members and they encourage each other to be successful.

Lot of religious and spiritual activities can be seen in a Scorpio family. There is lot of knowledge sharing with each other. Can be said a family whose interested in wisdom, mantra, tantra etc.

Scorpio can also have large sized family, many relatives both paternal and maternal side.

Their family surroundings is dry and one of structure, order and discipline. It's not negative. Basically their lifestyle is simple, there is less communication between the family members.

Family members are very hardworking and not so emotionally attached.

Again a dry atmosphere in the family. It's not negative, it simply means they communicate with each other but only that much as required. No useless communication. There can be lot of struggle periods but they face the obstacles and come out victorious.

Interaction among family members is not so smooth but when they are united as one family, no body can trouble them.

They have a large family, with lot of members from paternal and maternal side. Lot of cousins, uncles, aunts etc. The communication style between the family members is knowledge based.

Lot of knowledge sharing with each other and love to socialise with the family members.

Family members are very active, physically and mentally. Lot of physical action with family members like travelling, sports, exercise, as a group the family is always on a go.

Restless family who do not prefer to sit at one place. And lot of energy can be seen.

The placement and aspect of malefic planets will change the above results..

Bharat B Bajaj