Sunday, August 2, 2009


True Love is Eternal, a never ending story, something rushes through as you come across your beloved, the atmosphere around transforms, as if everything becomes ful of life, ful of breath. The most beautiful thing is right there standing infront in flesh and blood as if going to take control of all the problems and you can rest in peace in its arms, feeling completely protected..

The wonderful qualities of your beloved, from her crazy lunar laughs to her apple cheeks,and that childish innocence, plus the maturing passionate appeal, the desire to be with that special one..

Mind keeps ticking all the time remembering all that makes you go head over heels about the special one..

And you wanna give your best shot to fulfil all the desires of that special one...

And with all above, when the two unite as if two bodies, One Soul which gives that feeling of companionship, so true,quite enough to give power in facing all the obstacles that life offers.., a beautiful journey begins..

Surrendering your very self to make your better half feel good..

So True, extreme agony and pain of longing keeps love going, because if love becomes complete, you have marked the boundries which cannot make love infinite, for love to be infinite it has to remain incomplete..