Thursday, July 31, 2014

Self Investigation..

My own, self investigative writings on various topics under the sun, gives me depth to know uncommon insights in the world. And getting paid in the form of praises acts as a fuel which may help me reach the point of those "Eureka" moments.

Wealth is valuable for fulfilling needs. Wealth spent more on desires then needs, One day you will have to spend needs.

Our capacity to work, purely depends on the "arrival" of message from the brain that now we are tired. The human brain is a complex electrochemical arrangement of specialized cells and nerves. With the power of detachment cut the brain nerves to stop sending such messages which degrade our abilities.

Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings chaos. Let the fear face you and pass through you and then you turn around your inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only you will remain.

The heavenly kingdom is inside you and outside you. When you come to know yourself then you have become to be "known"

The eternal time is measured in ages and hence your current age becomes your true identity. Disagreeing to be identified with the moving eternal time will free you from age identification.

The super soul is the tree and living beings are his branches, those who remain in him and he in them will bear much fruit.

Focusing on gaps in between thoughts arising in your mind is one way to focus on the "Eternal Supreme Being".

The body has several layers, its like a very strong cage from which escape looks impossible. Anyways why should I even "desire" escape when "desiring" itself is the cause of "distress".

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Death and Mysticism..

Death may be considered fearful from material point of view, buts its the opening of the door which leads to a state of freedom from material entanglement, if want to intentionally put it positively, then it can be termed as a state of blissfulness or may be freedom but in a strange oppressive darkness, it cannot be explained in words. Death is something which one has to go through for sure, its like a mysterious passage connecting the material manifestation to the non-material, through which the living entity has to walk through to reach the unknown worlds.The unknown or other worlds where he may be forced to wander in darkness, or may be taken to higher ethereal worlds.  Death has this mystery element attached to it because of less material knowledge about it. Association of fear with death is because of the darker side fantasized by human brain, that image created by the living entity which produces fear. And fear comes when you imagine something in contradiction to your desires. You desire not to leave your near and dear ones but death takes you away from them.

The living entities around forcefully emotionally sees at the souls physical body who has faced death. And the living entity performs actions under the influence of overflowing emotions.

Perplexed and lonely, a soul stands in the chamber of death. Perplexed because the human being lying on the death-bed refused while on earth to believe in the continuity of life after the death of the physical body. In desperation he walks up to his near and dear ones who are weeping and shakes there shoulders vigorously, may be his wife or his childs shoulder but his wife does not notice it. He does not know that he is only touching and shaking the ethereal body of his wife, not the physical one, and that the woman, who like him never gave a thought to the existence of anything beyond the physical body, therefore cannot feel his touch upon her ethereal body.

Death releases the living entity from the useless, diseased covering of flesh and bones and provides a new one may be on the same planet or to some unknown worlds. Generations have called the mystery of death the 'last enemy'. Death can be said to be spiritually more mystical taking one to the other worlds. The other world, Then he must be physically dead and yet alive, if he could call this condition being alive. He found thinking the greatest difficulty. And so the soul groped onwards in his seeking. Again years passed on for a way out of this darkness in which he is wandering since years. The wish grew into a powerful urge, which gave way to longing. Longing, however, is the purer intuition born out of the coarse urge, and out of this longing very a prayer arose.

Finally this prayer of longing burst forth from him like a spring, and a feeling of soothing, comforting peace, humility and submission, entered his soul. When he arose to continue his wanderings he experienced a warm glow coursing through his body, for now twilight surrounded him and he could suddenly see. Far away in the distance he recognised a light, like a torch that greeted him. Jubilantly he stretched forth his arms towards it for help and finally he merges in that light or God.

Monday, July 28, 2014

How to remain peaceful, happy and self contended all the time ?

The human body is a product of this material world. The material world that we live in is basically composed of the three modes of material nature - The mode of Goodness, The mode of Passion and The mode of Ignorance. As the living entity at the time of birth comes into this material world it comes in contact with these three modes of nature and gets conditioned by them automatically. The five elements - Earth, fire, air, water and ether, its properties are also a mixture of these three modes or having one of them more than the other in there nature. For example, fire is influenced by the mode of passion more than compared to ignorance and goodness, Earth can be said to be influenced by the mode of goodness, water by the mode of goodness and passion, ether under the mode of passion and ignorance. At times these elements are also influenced by different variations of these modes. As per vedic scriptures also this human body is made up of these five elements. 

Because the living entity gets conditioned at the time of birth by these three modes, he started believing in dualities that arise from these three modes and dualities lead to anxieties. The three modes forcefully make the living entity perform actions either in goodness, passion or ignorance or evil deeds. And hence the living entity keeps shifting his actions between good, passionate or evil. Obviously being entangled under the influence of these three modes the living entity is either happy or sad as per the fruit of performed action which keeps changing all the time but the living entity is never happy all the time and hence never in peace all the time. Its obvious, everything moving and non moving and its outcome is bound to happen as per the will of God. But the living entity divided the result of his actions (the result which was given by God as his will) into two groups namely- happy and sorrow. These words were created by living entities. 

Its obvious, performance of actions under the influence of these materialistic terms - Good, passionate or evil actions, one will either experience happiness or distress in different times and in different walks of life but one will never be happy and peaceful all the time. Observe properly if you can, that when you performed good deeds and other times when you did something out of passion and deep desire or at some other times when you hurt someone out of anger, greed for your own benefit, sometimes you experienced happiness and other times anxiety or distress. So the idea is don't stick to these material feelings - being good or passionate or angry or greed etc for performance of your actions. Only do it because it ought to be done as a duty. You will realize you are already in the mode of happiness, not material happiness but blissful happiness.Transcending these three modes by remaining in God consciousness destroys the two illusionary groups made by us - Happiness and Sorrow in which we are entangled since time immemorial. Not easy to do but not impossible. 

Another big obstacle in the path of ultimate happiness and peacefulness is the never ending desires. Its only when the living entity decides to desire, he gives birth to distress. So true "desiring" is the first step on the ladder that leads to "distress",  now there is one more angle to this, if I do not desire than how shall I see progress, is it material progress I am talking about. To achieve any material progress is nothing wrong, but to desire it out of lust or greed completely changes the path. The main point is how we look at it, if i intend to desire something because it ought to be done for the benefit of myself and the mankind on the whole then it does not result in gain or loss, its only seen as a duty or as a will of God having no karmic reactions. 

This entire material universe is full of miseries because what we understand as happiness is also of temporary nature. And anything like temporary happiness finally results in unhappiness when your happiness ends. Happiness is one that thing, we should not run after. Running after happiness, happiness runs away further. So drop it completely,drop the very thought to achieve it and just go with the flow. To go with the flow is in itself happiness. Start enjoying "within". Let the mind go blank, Let the spirit within know its real self. Let the eternal soul feel the super soul, let the Transcendental "Om" substitute the life air. Let the blissfulness take over the material happiness.Let God hold our hand and take us to his heavenly abode, the replica of which is the beautiful nature that we experience on this material planet.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gold Prices expected to move up..

The current planetary placements look good for investment in gold and other precious metals. Jupiter is exalted in the zodiac sign of cancer, sun will start transiting soon in the zodiac sign of Leo, saturn exalted in libra already, once planet mars will leave libra and enter the zodiac sign of scorpio that will further support the above positive placements. 

Once these placements of planets start aspecting each other positively, gold and other precious metals will get a boost and there prices will start moving upwards. Only a trigger is required and that will happen once sun starts transiting the zodiac sign of Leo and that will happen soon in next around two weeks time. 

hence I believe this is the right time to invest in Gold. In ancient times also, astrological calculations were referred for any major investments. And further detailed calculations were made to check the nakshatra, the vedic hour, the planet ruling that hour, the planet ruling the entire day, placement of luminary planets like sun and moon was considered and other planetary aspects and accordingly the auspicious time was referred

From current price of around Rs.28000.00 per 10 gm it should move upto around Rs.30500.00 - 31000.00 by December 2014. Actually I expect the price even more but just on the lower side, from reality point of view it should touch Rs,31000.00

As planet sun will get support of Jupiter exalted in zodiac sign of cancer, it can move up the prices of gold. And upto the point of exaltation of sun in the zodiac sign of Aries, this trend of price moving upwards should continue to remain. The zodiac sign of Aries is about action and authority which goes well with the planet Sun who also is the significator of action and authority. And metal gold is also referred as the metal of sun and hence price movements in gold metal should see lot of action but only on the upperside.

So as per the astrological science of vedas, this seems to be the right time to invest in gold and other precious metals, but particularly gold.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Peace Of Mind..

True happiness comes from peace of mind.

Peace of mind comes only when you are contended.

Feeling of contentment comes when you free yourself from the web of endless desires.

Freedom from the web of endless desires can be achieved when you do not give further birth to them.

For not giving birth to endless desires you need to practice meditation.

To practice meditation, closing your eyes and with no body movement, try to shut yourself from all external activities.

Now as you carry on with this, you will soon start noticing colored rotating circles may be blue, green or any other.

Reaching this state means you are already on the path to travel "within".

This experience will itself cut down your anxieties and stress or any emotional imbalance one may be going through.

Now in this state you will feel like you want to travel further "inside", hence you wouldnt like to come out of it.

Practicing above can help in reducing stress to a good extent, resulting in peace of mind and thus resulting in true happiness.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Planetary War Between Mars And Saturn...

Planet Mars has moved into the zodiac sign of Libra, this is his point of debilitation, Here Planet Mars feels most uncomfortable, Zodiac sign Libra belongs to planet Venus who is a bitter enemy of Mars. And further to make things worst, planet mars biggest enemy is planet Saturn and the zodiac sign in which Planet saturn feels like a king is Libra, Saturn is already seated in Libra since long and is exalted, extremely happy to be in libra but now recently planet Mars his enemy has also entered libra, so this is a planetary war between Mars and Saturn.

This impact is going to last for next 30-40 days and its effects are most negative, like recent plane crash, buildings falling down, car accidents, rigging oil prices, a war like scenario in many countries like Ukriane, Israel, Russia, India- Pakistan recent tussle at the border, political unrest and war in Iraq etc.

Planet Mars is a fiery aggressive planet and Saturn is a slow cold planet but both give malefic effects. like for eg Mars is summer and Saturn is winter, now mars will remain in libra for next 30-40 days approx and till then things need to be kept in control as a precautionary measure, Saturn which was most happy sitting alone in libra has now to face the anger of Mars in the same zodiac sign and hence both are in planetary war with each other.

Avoid wearing anything red, be careful while handling electricity and electric goods, take all precautionary measures while working on machines, specially all those having Mars in the zodiac sign of cancer, libra, aquarius in there birth chart need to take care of there health and other problems for next around 30 days. Just simple precaution will also do the needful.

Zodiac sign libra is symbolized by a weighing scale, it means it is a sign of keeping balance between things, and mars is not interested to go slow and keep checks and balances in different depts of life, it needs action, its like a soilder who is on the war front not to think about how to strike a balanced deal with the enemy, its there only to strike on the enemy, so here zodiac sign libra is not about speed and action , its about being balanced in all walks of life and this is what planet mars just cannot adopt to.

Oil which is related with planet saturn will also see the effects, oil prices can move up further.
The best deal would be to keep a low profile for next 30 days and just to be in a self protective mode.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wish We Could Merge Ourselves With The Supersoul...

The Rigid nature of the laws of karma offers no flexibility with regards to good and evil deeds. But the same rigid laws surrender before blissful deeds.

We the living entities as our real "self" never perish. The temporary body fools us to identify ourselves with it.

Everything is predetermined as per the laws of karma. Only hard work, filling the gaps in between positively to satisfy self and then automatically the society, asking for forgiveness, transcending the three modes of nature, charity, sacrifice, living in present, making your presence felt, remembering the almighty, fulfilling all justified desires of your family, helping the needy and complete acceptance that everything is predetermined. The combination of all this results on positive and better life.

The unreal world that we live in is only a combination of the field of activity (the kshetra), the knower of this field and the one that is to be known.

 Whatever is written in your destiny will never change no matter how much you try, so in Bhagvad Gita Shri Krishna says:

"Tu karta wohi hai jo tu chahta hai,  par hota woh hai jo main chahta hun,


Tu kar woh jo main chahta hun,  phir hoga woh jo tu chahta hai"

The bass of strong and positive attitude is to stay away from diseases like anxieties, dualities, high emotions, absence of wisdom and to drop the false ego and to try to merge "self" with the "supersoul" (supreme lord)

Focusing on gaps in between thoughts arising in your mind is one way to focus on the "Eternal supreme being"

The body has several layers, its like a very strong cage from which escape looks impossible. Anyways why should I even desire "escape", when "desiring" itself is the cause of distress.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The beautiful state of Karnataka, India.

I visited this place recently, I just couldnt believe my eyes. The state of Karnataka has so many amazing waterfalls.These waterfalls are the 2nd longest in the world. So enchanting. Nature at its best. The state of Karnataka has so much to offer as tourist spots. Beautiful South Indian temples, museums, Old historic places like the Banavasi where in there is the mesmerizing Madhukeshwara Temple, many awesome waterfalls, A huge 123 feet tall Lord Shiva statue right on the seashore of murudeshwar beach. This is a place of must visit. The Uncheli waterfalls etc

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Around 1000 years old temple in Karnataka, Banavasi in India,, (Madhukeshwara Temple)

A very old temple in south India in the state of Karnataka, A beautiful ancient monument. A must visit in a place called Banvasi in Karnataka. Its a masterpiece of stone carvings. Beautiful different idols of different Gods and Goddesses beautifully carved.Also a granite bed so minutely beautifully carved hundreds of years ago. This shows the rich Indian culture and heritage which clearly proves that India was much ahead and an advanced nation which followed the vedic culture and lifestyle.

2nd Biggest Statue in Asia...

The Idol of Lord Shiva, the 2nd largest in Asia is around 123 feet tall. Its on the seashore of Murdeshwar beach in Murdeshwar, Karnataka, surrounded by sea from almost three sides. It looks so beautiful during day time as well as night time.

There is another temple in the same premises just under the huge Idol along with a very big man made cave where there are beautiful huge idols of Lord Vishnu, Ravan, Narad, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Parvati, etc. This cave is fully airconditioned.

All this is so unbelievable. A place to be definitely visited..