Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gold Prices expected to move up..

The current planetary placements look good for investment in gold and other precious metals. Jupiter is exalted in the zodiac sign of cancer, sun will start transiting soon in the zodiac sign of Leo, saturn exalted in libra already, once planet mars will leave libra and enter the zodiac sign of scorpio that will further support the above positive placements. 

Once these placements of planets start aspecting each other positively, gold and other precious metals will get a boost and there prices will start moving upwards. Only a trigger is required and that will happen once sun starts transiting the zodiac sign of Leo and that will happen soon in next around two weeks time. 

hence I believe this is the right time to invest in Gold. In ancient times also, astrological calculations were referred for any major investments. And further detailed calculations were made to check the nakshatra, the vedic hour, the planet ruling that hour, the planet ruling the entire day, placement of luminary planets like sun and moon was considered and other planetary aspects and accordingly the auspicious time was referred

From current price of around Rs.28000.00 per 10 gm it should move upto around Rs.30500.00 - 31000.00 by December 2014. Actually I expect the price even more but just on the lower side, from reality point of view it should touch Rs,31000.00

As planet sun will get support of Jupiter exalted in zodiac sign of cancer, it can move up the prices of gold. And upto the point of exaltation of sun in the zodiac sign of Aries, this trend of price moving upwards should continue to remain. The zodiac sign of Aries is about action and authority which goes well with the planet Sun who also is the significator of action and authority. And metal gold is also referred as the metal of sun and hence price movements in gold metal should see lot of action but only on the upperside.

So as per the astrological science of vedas, this seems to be the right time to invest in gold and other precious metals, but particularly gold.