Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rising Crime...

Criminal acts are on a rise everywhere - Drug Trafficking, Sex crimes, Terrorism, Property related crimes, Assault, Homicide crimes, murder, vehicular homicide, Robbery, Arson, Forgery, Elder Abuse, Cyber crime, Teenage Crimes, economic crimes etc. In this age of darkness (kalyug), its obvious rise in crime is bound to happen and will only increase further as time further travels. Sacred scriptures like Srimad Bhagvatam also mention about how the period of Kalyuga will be, wheren in criminal acts will increase to such high levels, and a time will come when law and order will completely disappear and there will be chaos, unrest, violence, complete instablity around the globe. It comes from the root, when the base itself is weak, the object standing on it has to fall down one day.

Crime is more related to the mind set of a person, and the particular criminal mindset is due to variety of reasons -  the upbringing, a childs free access to adult content, poverty is also one of the causes of crime, Family dispute between parents which lingers on for years right in front of there children leading to psychological disorders among children, Greed to get hold of every product that's introduced to markets, child abuse, Prostitution, jealousy, unhealthy competition to go past others. And one of the causes of crime increase is decrease in spiritual pratices. A family where in there is a regular practice of offering prayers, doing meditation, performing rituals, visiting shrines and places of religious importance, giving charity, performance of sacrifices etc, the frame of mind of such individuals is in the mode of goodness, they dont have selfish tendencies that first they themselves and there family comes and then comes the society. Lust, unwanted anger, greed, violent acts are not found in such individuals. The mind is more relaxed and can differentiate between wrong and right deeds.

Our schools teach us on a variety of subjects - Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Languages but there is no subject of religious/spiritual knowledge, why can't we introduce teaching Bhagawad Gita or Bible or Quran etc as per the choice of the student, but the subject should be compulsory.  From one generation to next if we notice there is a clear fall in gaining spiritual/religious knowledge, the reason being it is not compulsory and also not a part of our day to day lifestyle like how it used to be a few hundreds of years before.

Its very obvious due to absence of spiritual practices and absence of spiritual knowledge, it only leads to an increase of acts influenced by the other two modes of material nature , ie.The Mode of Passion and Mode of Ignorance, and these two modes have nothing to do with spirituality, enlightenment or religious knowhow. The mode passion and ignorance being opposite to the mode of goodness is only influenced by materialism - To work, To achieve a material product, To give material happiness first to there family and then to the society, and to achieve all this first to go on the path under legal guidelines but if not able to get what is wanted then to take the illegal route, leading to crime.

Those who have not been taught what to value in life run after materialism, which makes them greedy and lusty resulting in crime. Material benefits are no doubt important for a comfortable life materially, but we need to strike a balance between material and spiritual practices because presence of acts performed in the mode of goodness like prayers, charity, rituals will cover some area of your life and which will decrease the area covered by the modes of passion and ignorance resulting in lesser crime, increase in allround growth, higher education, resulting in peace of mind, and where there is peace, happiness will also come both materially and spiritually.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Karma Yogi....

As per Bhagavad Gita Karma yoga is the way for a human to attain salvation. In this process its not necessary to isolate oneself from this material life. A karma yogi is very much a part of this material world but his actions are performed only for the sake of performing them without thinking about the result of his actions. Because Lord Krishna says in Gita that Results are anyway in his hands and not in the hands of the performer. 

Basically What I understand from this is that idea behind "karma yoga" is to destroy the "Ego" which considers itself to be the doer of acts and hence intends to take the credit, which in reality is not so. 

Hence the theory "Karma yoga" needs to be applied to cut down "Ego". Krishna told Arjuna to "Do your prescribed duty but dont wait for the result". Everything under the sun moves as per the will of God but the living entity under false ego considers himself to be the doer and hence takes the credit, but he forgets that result that he got is bestowed upon him as per Gods will.

Hence to strike a balance between material and spiritualism and to adopt both for a balanced life, Lord Krishna says to become a "Karma yogi". By practice of which we can still attain salvation. It means for a Karma yogi he achieves both the worldly material pleasures but at the same time because he is free from material desires, hes not attached to them and performs his tasks correctly as per required situation to achieve success for welfare of the society

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The One Enlightened...

One of the ways to let the mind know about enlightenment is 'meditation' i believe. Its obviously the 'Ego' that is the road block to experience 'enlightenment'. The 'ego' with help of the mind when decides to desire something, it gives birth to distress. It thus blocks the soul to reach 'enlightenment'. Definitely meditation is the path to 'enlightenment'. there is no formula as such to work on to know what enlightenment is. its only deep within you that you feel something different when you are enlightened. Enlightened is what you actually are already.. But when you with wrong guidance of mind seperate yourself as "Not an enlightened one'" from 'Enlightened One", you desire to become what you are already are. From "Non-enlightement to enlightenment'. The ever expanding cosmic universe, the never ending space with no beginning, no middle and no end to it if enclosed in a single thought form is one of the glimpses of enlightenment. It can't be put in words. An enlightened soul doesnot react without genuine reason. Its away from all dualities and anxieties. Self contended in what ever he recieves in different walks of life. Always satisfied within and enjoying within. ...My other blogsite:

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Does Freedom of Will Exist..?

Using the power of my senses which has its own limitations, freedom of will does not exist. Even as per Bhagavad Gita actions performed by a living entity are performed by the material modes of nature and the "Self" does nothing at all, but because the living entity embodied in this material body is conditioned by these three modes of nature -modes of goodness,passion and ignorance, he believes himself to be the doer which actually is not so. Then if this is the law of material world that every endeavor, every act is the sole responsibility of these three modes, then a question arises that are we as humans not to be held responsible for our acts. The laws of material nature still holds us responsible because of our ignorance about this knowledge and because of our "false ego" which makes us believe that we are the doer, creator and hence out of pride we take the credit. Free will cannot exist because it will give birth to a new concept - "Practice crime willfully and willfully escape the punishment". This is not possible. Acts will be performed but the one in knowledge about the three qualities/modes of human material living entities should transcend these three modes/qualities and in that position acts performed have no karmic results..As such there is nothing like free will and everything seems to be predetermined. As Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita - "you can perform your activities but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions, never consider yourself to be the cause of the result of your actions and never consider not doing your prescribed duties". A living entity can definitely try to give its best in what ever acts he performs but cannot be truly considered to be the cause of the result because results are as per the "Will of God". Its as per his directions that sun rises every morning and sets in the evening. There are innumerable planets and stars in the the never ending space, and since thousands of years this time cycle is moving. We do not yet know the mysteries of this cosmic manisfestation and we talk about free will!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Karma, Free from Karmic reactions

All karmic actions are product of either mode of goodness, mode of passion or mode of ignorance or a mix of these three, anything done in mode of passion is done with aim to achieve some material gain, in beginning it gives some pleasure but at its end it only results in pain and distress, similarly the other two modes of ignorance and goodness also binds us to some karmic reaction. This circle of karm goes on giving us good and bad times in different walks of life. But if we are able to transcend these three modes of nature or  qualities and still perform our actions (which anyway we have to) but constantly remembering the Almighty, i believe then we are not understood to be under the clutches of  karma and are free from its reactions, because constant thought of god will definitely not bind us to any material deeds. What ever we are doing remembering lord means we are doing for lord and we are doing what ought to be done

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Human body or a illusion..

"Material body" is considered the reality of life, the body in which we are embodied to experience temporary pleasure and pain, embodied as if in a very high security zone, from where there is no escape, definitely not as per our own desire. Because the soul is not visible to our eyes and the visible material body which is conditioned by the three qualities of human nature - Goodness, passion and ignorance and which performs various actions under their influence is considered real. The term "Real" is normally associated with that which is "permanent". But the body a product of this material world is not permanent hence how could it be known as real. Or is it a illusion. Is the material body a illusion, anything illusion has a limited life span hence this body also vanishes as if all this was a dream for the soul.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


A Human being in his body has seven centers or layers or chakras. The lowest is the sex center or layer  and the highest is the samadhi center or layer. And in between these two there are five more centers or layers. It is like a ladder. When all the seven centers/layers of a man are in tune and in harmony with all the seven centers of a woman then you have found your "soulmate". It has happened with Krishna and Radha, with Shiv and Shakti. It could have also happened to Majnu and Laila had they had been allowed to meet, to Shiri and Farihad had they been allowed to meet. Whenever it happens, absolute oneness is felt: a divine union…Two people with two material bodies merge into each other. Two persons function as if they are one person, two bodies, but one soul. It is love at its peak. No meditation is needed, true love is enough. Gandarva Vivah or living relationship becomes authentic when you have attained Samadhi. You do not require any certificate or vows to force yourself to be loyal to someone because the soul unite as one and is inseparable. But these days living relationship has a different meaning altogether, may be just for lust or economic convenience.

Such a meeting of all 7 layers is very rare in these times, just one percent chances. When 6 layers of two individuals are in harmony, the chances of this is also very less, it may not be a divine union but still something too close, its like an extreme romantic experience, a poets description. Then comes 5 layers meeting, which chances are also less, it is definitely not a divine unity, its two persons, two bodies but in a great understanding and very much attached emotionally, but they are two not one, they are separate. Then comes 4 layers meeting of two individuals where in there is great understanding, but not deep love, there is lot of caring, actually its based more on intelligence than true love. Below this are those kinds of relationships where in three layers meet in harmony where in sometimes conflicts happen but they do not last for long, understanding is there but not constant, then below this type is the one in which only two layers match with each other, where in there is equal conflict from both ends, half the time conflict, half the time understanding. Below this is the one where in only 1 layer of each side matches, in these types there is no understanding, very rare moments of happiness, but its based more on sexual relationship. The last one where in no layers meet with each other, this type is found more in arrange marriages, may be not in all arrange marriages, but in most of them, its more of like a social understanding, an economic arrangement for each other, there is no love, no hate, because hate is there only where there is love, in these types the two exploit each other. In other words an arrange marriage in this age of darkness (kalyug) happening more on this planet earth since last few thousands of years.

Friday, April 4, 2014


  •  Agni :                        The demigod of fire.
  • Aryan:                       A civilized follower of Vedic Culture.
  • Asura :                       A Person opposed to the service of the Lord
  • Atma :                        The 'Self'
  • Bhakti:                       Devotional Service
  • Brahma:                     The first created being
  • Bharata:                     An ancient king of India from whom the Pandavas descended
  • Brahmachari:             A celibate student
  • Brahmaloka:              The abode of Lord Brahma, the highest planet in this world
  • Brahma-samhita:       A very ancient text regarding prayers offered by Lord Brahma to Krishna
  • Candala:                     A dog eater
  • Chandra:                     Presiding demigod of the planet Moon
  • Chaturmasya:             The four months of the rainy season
  • Deva:                          A demigod
  • Gandharvas:               Celestial singers and musicians among the demigods
  • Garuda:                      The bird carrier of Lord Vishnu
  • Gunas:                        The three modes of material nature
  • Guru:                          A spiritual master
  • Indra:                          The Chief sovereign of heaven and presiding deity of rain
  • Jiva:                            The soul
  • Kala:                           The eternal time
  • Karma:                        Material activities
  • Karmi:                        One engaged in karma
  • Krishnaloka:               The supreme abode of Lord Krishna
  • Kurus:                         The descendants of Kuru
  • Mahatattva:                 The total material energy
  • Mantra:                       A transcendental sound or vedic hymn
  • Manu:                         The demigod who is father of mankind
  • Maya:                          Illusion, energy of the supreme
  • Mukti:                         Liberation from material existence
  • Muni:                          A sage
  • Nirvana:                      Freedom from material existence
  • Om:                             The sacred syllable that represents the absolute truth
  • Pandavas:                    The five sons of kind pandu
  • Parmatma:                   The super soul
  • Parampara:                  A disciplic succession
  • Prakriti:                       Energy or nature
  • Pranayama:                 Breath control, a means of advancement in yoga
  • Puranas:                      Eighteen historical supplements to the Vedas
  • Purusa:                        The enjoyer, the individual soul, super soul
  • Rakshasas:                  A race of man eating demons
  • Rama:                         An incarnation of Lord Krishna
  • Rupa Gosvami:           The leader of the six gosvamis of vrindavan
  • Sadhu:                        A saint or a krishna conscious person
  • Samadhi:                    Trance, complete absorption in God consciousness
  • Sanatan Dharma:       The eternal religion
  • Sastra:                         Revealed scriptures, vedic literature