Sunday, April 6, 2014


A Human being in his body has seven centers or layers or chakras. The lowest is the sex center or layer  and the highest is the samadhi center or layer. And in between these two there are five more centers or layers. It is like a ladder. When all the seven centers/layers of a man are in tune and in harmony with all the seven centers of a woman then you have found your "soulmate". It has happened with Krishna and Radha, with Shiv and Shakti. It could have also happened to Majnu and Laila had they had been allowed to meet, to Shiri and Farihad had they been allowed to meet. Whenever it happens, absolute oneness is felt: a divine union…Two people with two material bodies merge into each other. Two persons function as if they are one person, two bodies, but one soul. It is love at its peak. No meditation is needed, true love is enough. Gandarva Vivah or living relationship becomes authentic when you have attained Samadhi. You do not require any certificate or vows to force yourself to be loyal to someone because the soul unite as one and is inseparable. But these days living relationship has a different meaning altogether, may be just for lust or economic convenience.

Such a meeting of all 7 layers is very rare in these times, just one percent chances. When 6 layers of two individuals are in harmony, the chances of this is also very less, it may not be a divine union but still something too close, its like an extreme romantic experience, a poets description. Then comes 5 layers meeting, which chances are also less, it is definitely not a divine unity, its two persons, two bodies but in a great understanding and very much attached emotionally, but they are two not one, they are separate. Then comes 4 layers meeting of two individuals where in there is great understanding, but not deep love, there is lot of caring, actually its based more on intelligence than true love. Below this are those kinds of relationships where in three layers meet in harmony where in sometimes conflicts happen but they do not last for long, understanding is there but not constant, then below this type is the one in which only two layers match with each other, where in there is equal conflict from both ends, half the time conflict, half the time understanding. Below this is the one where in only 1 layer of each side matches, in these types there is no understanding, very rare moments of happiness, but its based more on sexual relationship. The last one where in no layers meet with each other, this type is found more in arrange marriages, may be not in all arrange marriages, but in most of them, its more of like a social understanding, an economic arrangement for each other, there is no love, no hate, because hate is there only where there is love, in these types the two exploit each other. In other words an arrange marriage in this age of darkness (kalyug) happening more on this planet earth since last few thousands of years.