Friday, August 29, 2014

Are The Three Modes of Nature - Goodness, Passion And Ignorance The Cause of Distress?

Once, a man was going through a forest, when three robbers fell upon him and robbed him of all his possessions. One of the robbers said, “What’s the use of keeping this man alive?”

So saying, he was about to kill him with his sword, when the second robber interrupted him, saying: ‘Oh, no! What is the use of killing him? Tie his hand and foot and leave him here.”

The robbers bound his hands and feet and went away. After a while the third robber returned and said to the man: “Ah, I am sorry. Are you hurt? I will release you from your bonds.”

After setting the man free, the thief said: “Come with me. I will take you to the public high way.” After a long time they reached the road. At this the man said: 
 “Sir, you have been very good to me. Come with me to my house.” “Oh, no!” the robber replied. “I can’t go there. The police will know it.
“This world itself is the forest. The three robbers prowling here are Satva, Rajas, and Tamas. It is they that rob a man of the Knowledge of Truth.

Tamas wants to destroy him.Rajas bind him to the world.But Satva rescues him from the clutches of rajas and tamas.

Under the protection of Satva, man is rescued from anger, passion and other evil effects of tamas.

Further, Satva loosens the bonds of the world. But Satva also is a robber. It cannot give man the ultimate Knowledge of Truth, though it shows him the road leading to the Supreme Abode of God.

Setting him on the path, Satva tells him: “Look yonder. There is your home.” Even Satva is far away from the knowledge of Brahman. 

Now the problem is these three modes, 24x7, 365 days, for an entire life span dominates the human body and makes it perform actions as per their will. 

Sometimes the living entity acts as per the mode of goodness, other times as per the mode of passion and some other time as per the mode of ignorance and thus goes through good and evil in different walks of life till his last breath. 

Only if the living entity is all the time in awareness about the influence of these three modes and with determination and god consciousness tries to transcend these three modes of material nature and thus remains neutral and satisfied within, with 'self', always happy within with no thought of loss of gain, victory of defeat, then only he can free himself from the bondage of these three material elements and can reman in a state of supreme consciousness which in itself is enjoyment till last breath.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The symptoms of Kali-yuga..

By the powerful influence of the age of Kali, religion, truthfulness, cleanliness, tolerance, mercy, duration of life, physical strength and memory will diminish day by day. Without the propagation of genuine Vedic knowledge, science has become grossly materialistic and religion has become dominated by irrational fanatics.

in Kali-yuga, wealth alone will enable one to be considered high class, or a gentleman, Justice will be awarded only on the basis of ones position in society.

Men and women will live together simply on the basis of mutual attraction. Success in business will depend upon one's expertise in deceiving others. A man or womans stature will be judged primarily on his or her sex appeal. And a man will be known as a brahman simply by wearing a thread.

A persons spiritual position will be judged merely by the external symbols he adopts. A person's integrity will automatically be questioned if he doesnt earn much. And simply by being very clever at juggling words, one will be considered a great scholar.

Indeed a person will be judged useless if he is poor. Hypocrisy will flourish under the guise of verbal piety. Marriage will take place by simple arrangement and one will be fortunate just to be able to bathe properly.

People will value highly a sacred place if it is ffar away and they can bathe in the river. A major pastime will be the endless arranging and re-arranging of hairstyles in the hopes of enhancing ones beauty. Most people will feel that the goal of life is just to fill their bellies. Those who can maintain their families nicely will be hailed as experts. The principles of religion will be observed only for the sake of gaining reputation.

As the earth becomes overcrowded with such a degraded population, whoever is the strongest will gain political power. Indeed such rulers will come to behave no better than common thieves. After losing their wives and property to such merciless politicians, the citizens will flee to the forests and mountains. Being harassed by famine and excessive taxes, the people will resort to eating leaves, flowers, seeds and roots. Because of drought, vast numbers of people will starve.

Climatic conditions will also deteriorate, and because of this, the population will suffer greatly due to cold, wind and snow. Furthermore because of impiety, people will also be tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, disease, and anxiety, The maximum duration of life will decrease to about fifty years.

At the end of Kali-yuga, the bodies of all creatures will be greatly reduced in size. The path of Vedic understanding will be completely forgotten in human society and whatever so called religion remains will be actually atheistic. The occupation of most people will be based on stealing, lying and needless violence. Cows will come to look like goats and spiritual ashrams will be no different from ordinary houses. Family ties will extend no further than the bond of marriage. Tress will become like dwarves and plants will be tiny, indeed most human beings at the end of Kali-yuga will be no better than donkeys.

At that time Lord Vishnu will appear as Kalki-avatara in the village of Sambhala as the son of foremost of brahmanas, Visnuyasa. Mounting his horse named Devadatta, with sword in hand Lord Kalki will travel over the earth displaying his unparalleled opulance. While manifesting unequalled effulgence and riding at great speed, Lord Kalki will kill millions of thieves who had dared to dress as Kings. Even the lowest of animals like dogs will be celebrated as Dog day and other such useless acts and days will be celebrated.

After all the imposter Kings are killed, the people of the earth will feel nice breezes carrying the fragrance of sandalwood paste that decorates the body of the Lord. By smelling this fragrance, everyone's minds will become transcendentally pure. Sat-yuga will then commence and the purified human society will bring forth progeny in the mode of goodness.

As long as Lord Krishna was present on the earth, Kali remained powerless but as soon as Lord Krishna returned to the spiritual sky, Kali entered this world and thus people began to take pleasure in sinful activities. The age of Kali comprises 1200 years of the demigods or 432000 earth years.

Devapi, the brother of Maharaja Santanu and Manu, a descendent of Iksvaku, both possess great mystic potency and reside even now in the village of Kalapa. At the end of Kali-yuga, these two kings, after receiving instructions from the Supreme Lord will return to human society and re-establish Varnasrama-dharma.

Description of the Supreme Lord as a Universal Person (Mahapurusa)..

In this representation of the Supreme Lord as a universal person, the earth is his feet, the sky is his navel, the sun is his eye, the wind is his nostrils, the death is his anus, and the moon is his mind, Yamaraja, the god of death, is his upper lip, shame is his lower lip, delusion is his smile and the moonshine is his teeth. The trees are his bodily hair and clouds are the hair on his head. 

Upon the Lords chest is the Kaustubha gem, which represents the pure spirit soul, and the Srivastsa mark, which is manifested from the gems expansive effulgence. His flower garland is his material energy. his yellow garment is the Vedic meters, and his sacred thread is the syllable 'Om'. The Lord carries the processes of sankhya and yoga in the form of two shark shaped earings. His crown is Brahmaloka, Ananta, the 

Lords sitting place is the unmanifest phase of material nature. The Lord's lotus throne is the mode of goodness, which is endowed with religion and knowledge.

The Lord's club is the chief element, air or prana incorporating the potencies of sensual, mental and physical strength. His conch shell is the element water. His Sudarsana disc is the element fire and his sword is the element ether. His shield embodies the mode of ignorance, his Sarnga bow is time and his quiver represents the working sensory organs. His arrows are the senses and his chariot is the forceful mind. His external appearance is the subtle objects of perception and the gestures of his hands are the essence of all purposeful activity.

The Sun globe is the place where the Supreme Lord is worshiped. While playfully carrying a lotus flower that represents the six opulences - wealth,power,fame,beauty,wisdom and renunciation, the Lord accepts service from 'religion' and 'fame'. The Lords umbrella is is spiritual abode, Vaikuntha, and Garuda his carrier is the threefold Vedas. The goddess of fortune 'Sri' is his internal potency. Visvaksena, his chief associate is the personification of the Pancaratra and other tantras. The eight doorkeepers headed by Nanda are the yogic perfections. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

The All Attractive Lord Krishna...Beautiful Pics..

Lord Krishna's Horoscope Which Clearly Shows His Unlimited Opulences - Strength, Fame, Wealth, Knowledge, Beauty, Renunciation...

It is impossible to measure the opulences of Krishna, but scriptures state that he is all attractive, all wise, the most beautiful, the richest. In his life it is said Krishna had over 16000 palaces bedecked in jewels, but this is only a minute example of his wealth. He himself says he is the proprietor of all the planets making him the richest of everyone. His opulences are listed as 1)Strength 2)Fame 3)Wealth 4)Knowledge 5)Beauty 6)Renunciation.

Understanding planetary indications for a Divine Incarnation of the Lord is different to that of an ordinary man. Everything about him is fully transcendental and he is the Supreme Enjoyer of Eternal Bliss. That is his unique position.

In Krisna's chart Taurus rises and the Ascendant is graced by the presence of exalted Moon, in Rohini. Prash Trivedi in his book "The 27 Celestial Portals" states that:-

"Rohini's extraordinary charm and magnetism is made clear by the fact that Moon, whose duty it is to spend only a certain amount of time with each of the nakshatras in his monthly travel through the zodiac, at one point refused to leave Rohini's abode"

Rohini, falling in the sign of beauty, Taurus, is the most alluring amongst all the nakshatras. On the Ascendant it gives large and expressive eyes, refined sensual and seductive features and a smiling countenance. Smiling is also a second house affair, and here we see the sign of playfulness and mischievous Gemini on the second cusp,with its lord Mercury exalted in the radiant, cultured and kind constellation of uttara phalguni in the 5th house of love. Uttaraphalguni is a great yet noble trickster and an expert cassanova.

Krishna's Ascendant is *Taurus* and his *Moon* is also here and at exalted potency. Taurus is the feminine sign of Venus. Thus Krishna had exalted beauty and femininity is all aspects of his body and mind. Infact he is known as " Bhagavan " - which means that he is the Surpeme Attractive Person. The impact of beutiful and sensuous Venus on Krishna's body and mind is extremely amplified by powerful *Ketu*.

Krishna's Ascendant Lord Venus is with *Saturn* in the 6th House of Enemies - and Krishna always had troubles from ememies. But he vanquised them all one by one, more from his intellect than from brute force. This is shown from tntelligent and quick-moving *Mercury* in the skillful 5th House.

Krishna's love affairs are nothing short of scandalous in the highest degree to the untrained eye with convential moral standards. Just see scandalous and misfit *Rahu* sits powerfully in the 7th House of
Krishna's romance. Krishna had hundreds and thousands of wives - another effect of the supercharged amplifier Rahu in this house of marriage and romance.

*Mars* is exalted in Krishna's 9th House of Morality. Thus although he is well known for his playful romantic escapades, he is equally well known as the speaker of the moral masterpiece, Bhagavad-Gita and a king who upheld justica and morality in his society.

*Jupiter* in the 11th House of Pleasure made Krishna's pleasures and friends to be the highest and most excellent imaginable.

*Sun* in the 4th House Aries gives Krishna exalted artistic skills and mastery over the emotions and affections of others.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Characteristics of an Aries Ascendant...

This is all about the Aries Ascendant in astrology, these people are very active and physically fit. They do well in sports and can also be seen in military, air force and in Police. There energy level is normally high and this makes them very lively. On the negative side these people get angry  soon and they become very aggressive with others and sometimes because of there aggressive ways they are also misunderstood but this is not always the case. The energy of planet Mars which is the ruling planet of Aries gives them that fighting spirit and makes them lively, whether they use the Mars energy positively or negatively is dependent on the position of Mars, if its debilitated or exalted or improperly placed and other planetary placements and aspects in the horoscope. In department of wealth they normally do well but they earn through hard work and are able to have good savings unless planet Venus is badly situated, they do face lot of ups and downs as far as their finances are concerned. Their family members, their father, mother are practical and their family surroundings are normally positive and peaceful unless its being badly aspected by the malefics like planets Saturn or Rahu. There siblings are intelligent and communicative, the Aries ascendents are also very communicative and intelligent. They are good in Maths, Sometimes there mercury energy gets misfired and accidently they talk such things which lands them into trouble situations. Their residential surrounding is very homely and their mother is normally very caring, sensitive and emotional, she is a strong support for the Aries ascendent unless planet Moon is badly placed or is in the zodiac sign of scorpio. Many times mothers of the Aries ascendents are over protective. The home of an Aries ascendent is normally peaceful and homely. There children are ambitious and successful in their life. The Aries ascendent people are very creative and they think big, have higher goals in there life. Their children are very important for them and they want to see their child succeed in all walks of life hence they focus a lot on their childrens education and upbringing. They fall in trouble because of bad mouth, because of this they can make enemies, Health wise they are fine but they may have throat infection, cough, thyroid, head related problems like migrane. If planet Mars is badly effected they can have blood related problems like high/low blood pressure, diabeties. They prefer a life partner who is intelligent, outgoing, one who can strike a balance between being social and practical, their partners are normally very frank and extroverts who love to party, are outgoing, and active. The Aries ascendent normally has a good looking life partner unless planet venus is badly placed then they may have an average looking partner. At times they are very religious and spiritual and also show interest to know the deeper meanings of life, occult, mysticism etc. Professionally they are very disciplined and hard working, Planet Saturn if well placed gives them a father who likes discipline, order and structure and these same principles they abide by in their professional work, They achieve success in their careers but not necessarily the required fame, Their gains in different walks of life comes to them slowly and steadily, Their social life is very active and colorful, they make many friends and are very outgoing and extroverts. They are like always on the move. Spiritually sometimes they are too involved to know or trying to find out the mysteries/ secrets of what life is all about, hence sometimes they show interest in meditation, occult, mysticism etc but normally they are on the material plane focusing their energy towards material gains.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Science Of Self Realization...(Updated)

The Living entity since thousands of years has been performing actions to satisfy the senses for sense gratification under the influence of false ego and considers that satisfying the human senses is the prime goal of life. The solution to this is to perform action in devotion, for the satisfaction of the Supreme without considering the cause of result of such actions, with no thought of gain or loss and insecurity, such a person remains neutral with no dualities and anxieties thus for him happiness and distress, loss or gain all are same and he enjoys "within", ever satisfied in "self" and disconnects the sense from its objects though due to presence of body sense the taste remains but one who has experienced a higher taste such a person becomes stable in devotion to the Supreme and attains real peace.

One who doesn't abide by following the Supreme and considers himself everything, such a persons goal is to contemplate with the senses and its desires and during which he develops attachment and from attachment lust develops and from lust, anger arises, but one who overcomes the human senses he is free from their contamination and attains real peace. Its said that the one with no thought of happiness and distress, victory or defeat, loss or gain performs his actions as a matter of duty never incurs sin. The human society is basically divided in four divisions - A Teacher, A Protector, A Businessman, A Laborer and as per the class in which he practices, he should perform his actions as a matter of duty under the frame of law.

Along with the performance of our good deeds. Prayers, sacrifices and charity should never be given up and one should always perform them because the fruit of such auspicious actions is always auspicious and it results in overall success.

The Living entity in this material world has to live peacefully and for this he should be satisfied with "self", for such a person there is no work, neither he is depended on any work nor he refuses not to work. its basically to become free from the bondage of work, its not that the individual is not supposed to work, obviously he has to work, even to maintain this body, one has to work, even body cannot be maintained without work but practicing to remain in self and not dependent on the outside material objects frees us from the bondage of work.

The living entity in false ego thinks he is the cause of all his actions and its results which in reality are performed by the three modes of material nature. A person out of false ego, false pride thinks he is smart enough to work hard and achieve his desired results but actually its not so, the three modes of material nature with which he is effected take charge of the individual and perform actions as per their nature and hence there is always a fight for supremacy between these three modes and sometimes the mode of goodness wins making the individual perform good deeds and other times the mode of ignorance or passion takes over making the living being perform evil or passionate actions, hence according to the three modes of nature and work associated with them, the society has been divided into four parts - Teachers, Protectors, Traders and Laborers, one who knows about this, also never gets entangled with results of actions.

Its said that without prayers and sacrifices, one cannot live happily in this life then what to say about the next?, Its believed that when the living entity fully controls his nature and with his mind gives up all actions and its results then he lives happily in the city if nine gates (the body). There are various paths that lead to the super soul, either you think and concentrate on the super soul, if you cannot do this then offer service to the super soul, still not able to do this?. then work for the super soul, if you still cannot practice this, then work without fruitive results and never consider yourself the cause of result of your work because anyway all results are given only by the supreme, not able to practice this also?, then try to meditate, if this too is difficult then try to attain knowledge. Any of these paths will finally lead you to the super soul, to the supreme.

The 5 elements - Earth, water, fire, air and space + ego + intellect + 3 modes of nature + 10 human senses - Eyes, ear, nose, tongue, skin, speech, legs, hands, anus, genitals + mind + smell + taste + form + touch + sound + desire + hatred + happiness + distress + life symptoms + patience + action - All these are known as the the field of activity and its interactions (The human body).

True knowledge means - softness, nonviolence, patience, simplicity, to have a guru/teacher, holiness, stability, to stay away from objects of senses and sense desire, to control anger, ego, birth, death, old age, diseases, to sacrifice everything, unattached from wife, children, home and other material things, to remain steady and same in good and bad events, remain fully in super soul consciousness, desire to be alone, away from crowd, to enjoy within and always trying to search the supreme truth. Anything opposite to all this is ignorance. The living entity is may be not aware that material nature is actually the cause of all actions and its results and living entity is the cause of various happiness and distresses.

Even though the living entity is struggling too hard because of dualities and anxieties he constantly is forced to perform his actions under the influence of the three modes of nature and which give different results - The mode of goodness gives happiness and knowledge, the mode of passion leads to fruitive work and endless desires and distresses, where as the mode of ignorance leads to attachment, madness, laziness, sleep and darkness. Only if the living entity can see that in all activities no other performer is at work other than the three modes and also is in knowledge that the super soul is transcendental to all these three modes, he also attains the nature of super soul. Now this further looks interesting that if the living entity is able to transcend these three modes he can free himself from cycle of birth, death, old age and diseases and can enjoy his present life also.

Its believed that rituals, charity, sacrifices should never be given up and all these should be performed beginning with the word "Om" and they should end with the word "Tat", absolute truth is indicated by the word "Sat", now this looks more scientific as it explains the cause and outcome of actions performed, any action performed is outcome of 5 things - Body, doer, different senses, different types of endeavors and super soul, these 5 are together responsible for actions performed but due to ignorance the living being out of false ego considers himself to be everything and the cause of everything.

One should be in that knowledge and understanding by which one knows what is to be done and what is not to be done, what is to be feared and what is not to be feared, what is binding and what is liberating, who can distinguish between religion and ireligion, and who performs actions as a matter of duty. Being purified by intelligence and controlling the mind, with determination, one should give up the objects of sense gratification and being free from attachment and hatred, should prefer to live in peace, eating little, controls his body and mind and power of speech, remain in trance, such a person is surely elevated to the position of "self realization" and becomes joyful.

Friday, August 8, 2014

The One, Who Is Very Dear To The Supreme Lord..

  1. One who is not under the influence of false ego, false strength, false pride, lust, anger and proprietorship.
  2. Who is ever satisfied in "self"
  3. Who enjoys within,with no thought of happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat, honor or dishonor.
  4. From whom nobody is hurt and to whom nobody can disturb or distract.
  5. Who sees that there is only one "Super soul" in all beings
  6. Who performs his actions as a matter of duty.
  7. Who offers regular prayers and sacrifices to the Supreme.
  8. Who is free from all kinds of dualities and anxieties.
  9. Who is in knowledge and meditates regularly.
  10. Who sees that in all actions, no other performer is at work other than the three modes of material nature and he is able to transcend these three modes.
  11. Who practices all rituals and sacrifices with the word "Om" and ends them with the word "Tat".
  12. Who knows that absolute truth is indicated by the word "Sat".
  13. Who knows what is to be done and what is not to be done.
  14. Who knows what is to be feared and what is not to be feared.
  15. Who knows what is binding and what is liberating.
  16. Who can distinguish between religion and irreligion.
  17. Who performs actions for the benefit of all.
  18. Who performs such actions which in the beginning is like poison but the end is like nectar.
  19. Who is always in a state of happiness and peace.
  20. Who depends on the Supreme in all his acts and always thinks and worships him.
Such an individual is very dear to the Supreme.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Art Of Real Living...(Updated)

Live a Purified, Healthy, Peaceful and a Beautiful lifestyle by following these :
  • With no thought of happiness or distress, profit or loss, victory or defeat, perform your duties under the frame of law of being a) A Teacher, or b) A Protector,c) A Trader/Merchant, d) A Lobour, which ever class you belong to and you shall never incur sin.
  • The Living Entity since thousands of years has been performing actions to satisfy the senses for sense gratification under the influence of false ego and considers that satisfying the human senses is the prime goal of life. But one who performs actions for Lords satisfaction without considering himself the cause of the result of his actions, with no thought of gain and loss and insecurity, such a person immediately gives up bad actions and remains neutral with no dualities and anxieties.Thus for such a person happiness and distress, loss or gain all are same, and he starts enjoying within, ever satisfied in "self" and disconnects the senses from its objects though due to body presence the taste remains but one who has experienced the higher taste, such a person becomes stable in devotion to Lord and attains real peace.
  • Prayers, sacrifices and charity should never be given up and one should always perform them, even as per vedic rituals.
  • One who is satisfied with self, who remains in self and in a state of bliss, happy within, who enjoys within and who is fully satisfied with its own self, for such a person there is no work, neither he is dependent on any work nor he refuses not to do any work.
  • The Living entity in false ego considers himself to be the cause of all his actions and its results which in reality are performed by the three modes of material nature - Mode of Goodness, Passion and Ignorance.
  • Without Prayers and sacrifice one cannot live happily in this life, then what to say about next?
  • Such a person is liked by all who acts in devotional service and whose mind and senses are in his full control.
  • Only with unalloyed devotional service to Lord, one can know him completely and one who has surrendered all material actions and its results to Lord and is always engaged in service to Lord, who works for him and whose aim and goal is Lords satisfaction, such a person finally achieves the Lord. following are the ways to achieve him: a) Always think of the Lord, b) If you are unable to think of him then offer your services and prayers to him, c) If you can not offer your service and prayers then work for Lord in Lords consciousness, d) If you still can not do this then work without fruitive results (because anyway all results are given by Lord only) and working without fruitive results also gives peace of mind, e) If you can not practice this also then try to meditate., f) If you cannot do meditation then try to attain knowledge of God.
  • A Living entity who is not jealous of anyone and is a friend of all, who is same and neutral in happiness and distress, always remains in "self", experiencing self and concentrates his mind and intellect always on the Lord, from whom nobody is hurt and to whom nobody can disturb or distract, who does not fear and never gets tensed, one who is pure, free from all dualities and anxieties, who does not regret anytime, neither desires anything and sacrifices both holy and unholy thing, who is a like to friends and enemies, honor and dis honor, always stays away from bad company, always silent and satisfied, not bothered about having a homely life, if he gets homely life its fine and if he does not get still hes fine, who is fixed in knowledge and devoted to Lord, such a person is very dear to Lord.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Some Good Companies in Indian Share Market...

According to my study, these are some of the best shares in the Indian stock market that I believe has lot of potential and these share prices can still rise:

  • Fiem Industries - manufacturing auto ancillaries,around 2 year back the sales was around 533 crores which has gone upto around 714 crores, the book value was Rs.109.00 around 2 years back and today its around Rs.150.00, EPS was Rs.17.00 and today its 31.00, the PE ratio was 10.00 and now its 17.9,  the share price was around Rs.185.00 2-3 years back and now its Rs,560.00, As per the current PE ratio of just 17.9 there is lot of scope for the share price to move up further. The sales growth is very good and has a good book value of Rs.150.00, The share price has to definetely move up still further, lot of potential.
  • MBL Infrastructure- This company is into construction, one of the fabulous company, with total equity of around Rs.17.51 crores, a very health book value of Rs.262.00,a huge sales of 1753.00 crores, the company recorded a 32% jump in sales ended march 2014, EPS of Rs.42.9 and PE ratio of 6.3, theres lot of growth that can be seen in the share price of this company in near future. At current share price of Rs.270.00 it looks attractive.
  • Force Motors - A good company manufacturing automobiles, compared to other market leaders like Tata motors, Ashok leyland this is a small company but with very healthy financial background. Sales around 2000 crores, with a PE ratio of 7.3 as compared to 13.00 around 2 years back, it looks attractive at current market price of Rs.450.00, amazing book value of Rs.930.00 , this share can be bought at these levels, but yes it will take a jump but wont show very high huge difference, may go upto around Rs.600-650 levels.
  • Motherson Sumi- One more leader in auto ancillaries, turn over of Rs.4500 crores, the operating profit margin is high of 19%, yes the EPS is not that good at just Rs.6.00, promoters stake in total company equity of Rs.88 crores is 66%, minus point is that the shares face value is Re.1.00 and not Rs.10.00, but still over all the company looks good and is doing well.
  • Shrenuj & Co - Diamond cutting and jewellery business, nice sales of Rs.2500.00 crores, equity Rs.19.00 crores, at current price of Rs.65.00 looks cheap, it was around Rs.120.00 just a month ago, but suddenly fell, around 2-3 years back the share price was in range of Rs.45.00 - 55.00 hence a these levels also looks cheap.
  • PC jewellers - Another good company in gold and jewellery business, a decent turnover of Rs.5300 crores, , net profit Rs.356.00 crores, EPS is quite good at Rs.20.00 with a Price Earning ratio PE of Rs.5.2 , the current price of Rs.115.00 looks reasonable.
  • Shreeram Transport Finance - Sales of Rs.7900 crores, EPS Earning per share is very nice at Rs.54.00, the PE ratio is just Rs.16.00, the average market PE of this sector is also Rs.16.00 so it means its not on the higher side, the price of Rs.877.00 looks decent , not very high and not low also. Can be bought at these levels for medium gains. The company,s book value is also good at Rs.350.00
  • MRF Tyres - Turnover Rs.12000.00 crores, total equity Rs.4.24 crores, book value per share at Rs.8597.00, PE is also not very high at just 12.0, Earning per share is excellent at Rs.21888.00 per share, around 2 years back the price was around Rs.9000.00 per share which has gone up to Rs.23000.00 at present, still to me it looks attractive at this price also, because the book value and EPS are very high, company has a decent record and is doing well, a cash rich company with good track record, it looks still economical at current levels.
This is my personal view about above shares, I do not recommend that these should be definetely bought. The market fluctuates due to various reasons and hence there is no guarantee about it.