Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Description of the Supreme Lord as a Universal Person (Mahapurusa)..

In this representation of the Supreme Lord as a universal person, the earth is his feet, the sky is his navel, the sun is his eye, the wind is his nostrils, the death is his anus, and the moon is his mind, Yamaraja, the god of death, is his upper lip, shame is his lower lip, delusion is his smile and the moonshine is his teeth. The trees are his bodily hair and clouds are the hair on his head. 

Upon the Lords chest is the Kaustubha gem, which represents the pure spirit soul, and the Srivastsa mark, which is manifested from the gems expansive effulgence. His flower garland is his material energy. his yellow garment is the Vedic meters, and his sacred thread is the syllable 'Om'. The Lord carries the processes of sankhya and yoga in the form of two shark shaped earings. His crown is Brahmaloka, Ananta, the 

Lords sitting place is the unmanifest phase of material nature. The Lord's lotus throne is the mode of goodness, which is endowed with religion and knowledge.

The Lord's club is the chief element, air or prana incorporating the potencies of sensual, mental and physical strength. His conch shell is the element water. His Sudarsana disc is the element fire and his sword is the element ether. His shield embodies the mode of ignorance, his Sarnga bow is time and his quiver represents the working sensory organs. His arrows are the senses and his chariot is the forceful mind. His external appearance is the subtle objects of perception and the gestures of his hands are the essence of all purposeful activity.

The Sun globe is the place where the Supreme Lord is worshiped. While playfully carrying a lotus flower that represents the six opulences - wealth,power,fame,beauty,wisdom and renunciation, the Lord accepts service from 'religion' and 'fame'. The Lords umbrella is is spiritual abode, Vaikuntha, and Garuda his carrier is the threefold Vedas. The goddess of fortune 'Sri' is his internal potency. Visvaksena, his chief associate is the personification of the Pancaratra and other tantras. The eight doorkeepers headed by Nanda are the yogic perfections.