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Lord Krishna's Life Time Chart

Given here is a chronological list of Lord Krishna's lifetime achievements. Relevant aspects of Lord Krishna's life from birth to renunciation have been presented in a tabular form.
Age of Lord Krishna Description

Birth - In the month of Sravana, around July 19th 3227 BC in a prison cell in Mathura city to Vasudev and Devki.

a) 0 to 3 years - Lived in the neighboring town of Gokul with Nand and Yashoda, performed bal leela, including killing of demoness Putana, Trinivatra etc.

b) 3 to 7 years- Started living in Vrindavan, Killing of Demons Bakasura, Aghasura and Dhanuka.

c) 7-10 years- Lifting of Govardhan hill, played rasleelas with Gopis, Invited for a wrestling match by Kansa which results in his killing.

d) 7 – 28 years- Lived in Mathura and protected it from many Demons. Took the lessons in all the sixty four arts from Muni Sandeepani and perfected all the arts.

e) 29 – 125 years- Established kingdom in the city of Dwarka with Brother Balram. Married Rukmini and 16000 other princesses. Helped Pandavas win the battle of Mahabharata, explains teachings to Arjuna later written down by Rishi Vyas as Bhagwad Gita.

f) 125th Year - Fall of Yaduvanshi dynasty due to fraternal killing. Disappearance of Lord Krishna on 18th February 3102 BC.

City of 9 gates (our body)

I am the TASTE of water
the LIGHT of the sun and the moonI am the SYLLABLE om in the vedic mantras
I am SOUND in etherand ABILITY in man
I am the original FRAGRANCE of the earth
and I am the HEAT in fire
I am the LIFE of all that lives
and I am the PENANCES of all
Know that I am the original SEED of all excistencesthe INTELLIGENT of the intelligent
and the PROWESS of all powerful men
I am the STRENGTH of the strong
DEVOID of passion and desireI am the SEX LIFE which is not contrary to religious principlesknow that all states of being - be they of goodness, passion or ignorace
are MANIFESTED by my energy
I am in ONE sense EVERYTHING
I am not under the modes of material nature
for they on the contrary are WITHIN me - Lord Krishna

when the embodied living beings controls his nature and MENTALLY
renounces all actions, he resides happily in the CITY OF 9 GATES (the body)
neither working nor causing work to be done

We all living beings are living in the city of 9 gates (this material body) which consists of 9 gates - two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, one mouth, the anus and the genitals . We identify ourselves with the body but when we are able to identify ourselves with the lord within and with the spirit soul we become just as free as Lord Krishna even while living IN this body
Something fantastic to note - the embodied spirit soul , the master of the the city of his body doesnot create activities,nor does he induce people to act, nor does he create the fruits of action. All this is simply enacted by the modes of material nature.
This all looks so amazing and so scientific, if we can really implement this reality , every thing around looks so easy and simple, every thing under the sun seems simple, life becomes easier. This imperishable science of Lord Krishna is a wonder

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six answers given by a GIRL when she is proposed……….

1 Nahi (No)

2 Mujhe waqt chahiye (I need time to think)

3 I have always seen u as a friend

4 I already have a boy friend

5 We should concentrate on studies

6 Tum abhi tak mujhe jante kahan ho? Yeh infatuation hai. (You dont even know me)

Six answers given by a BOY when he is proposed…… …..

1 Yes

2 Yes

3 Yes

4 Yes

5 Yes

6 Yes

Proud to be a boy . So +ve ......

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Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your comments, few of the following comments I recieved :

Dear Bharat. This is absolutely great man. I read through it and its really nice. I wonder how you came about writing about Bhagvada Gita. Keep up the good work though. You surely are inspiring many out there.
Take care,

excellent ! but yet i want to know more about krishna.he is endless.

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hmmm .... gud one

so come and experience the magical power of sudarshan kriya...and alllllllllll these questions will vanish, u will come back home. jaigurudev

beautiful picture...says it all

Thanx all..