Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Demon king Ravana and his astrological endeavours..

It's believed that the demon king Ravana had immense knowledge of astrology. He wanted to have a son who would be physically very strong and most powerful and the one who becomes the undisputed king of the three worlds. He was blessed to be a great warrior.

An astrology birth chart looks somewhat like a chess board.

Ravana was also well versed in Ayurveda and he wrote "Ravana Sahita", he was also aware of practices similar to black magic.

When Ravana's Son Indrajeet was not yet born, Ravana encaged all the 9 planets in the 11th house of Indrajeet's birth chart so that none of these planets could cause any harm to him and he becomes the undisputed and most powerful demon in all the three worlds and which he did become.

But as one cannot run away from his karma. The demon prince too had to face his end inspite of all his strength. He had acquired all his knowledge from Guru Shukraacharya. He was so powerful that in one single day he killed 670 million half man-half monkey armed forces of lord Ram and almost destroyed their entire race from planet earth single handedly.

Prince Indrajeet also conquered heaven by defeating Lord Indra one of the most mighty god among all gods. He acquired the title of Ati Maharathi for his extra ordinary strength and valour. He played an important role in the war between Ram and Ravana.

But inspite of all this Ravana couldn't save his son, just before birth of Indrajeet when all 9 planets were trapped by Ravana in the 11th house, (why 11th house because it's a neutral house and it cannot cause any harm) hence here all planets couldn't do anything against Indrajeet.

Planet Jupiter the life giver and planet Saturn the judge came together and Saturn made a ball from his sweat and skin and Jupiter injected life in it, they threw this ball in the 12th house of Indrajeet's birth chart just when Indrajeet was about to take birth. 12th house is the house of losses in anyone's chart.

This ball is known as mandi or gullika and placed in the 12th house of losses in Indrajeet case was responsible for his destruction.

We all have this Mandi in our chart which may be placed in any of the houses in different combinations.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017


SAGITTARIUS the optimistic zodiac..

Sagittarius is said to be the most spiritual sign of all the zodiac signs. They have a family who believes in structure, order and discipline. Family background is simple.

Most of the time it's found that their mother is religious but sensitive too. Their children are hard workers and do well.

Sagittarius can attract or target anyone even without putting a glance on them. Their intuition is very strong. They can easily change as per the circumstances.

They are very optimistic and can pull others out of their bad situations.Their life partners are very communicative and intelligent because they themselves prefer a communicative and entertaining partner.

They like to work in areas which require researching, calculating, they like to go in detailing. They are also good in teaching profession, astrologers, agriculture, religion, speculation, finance, banking etc.

They can gain weight very quickly and may have problems related to liver, stomach, thighs, intestines, etc.

Generally their father is a hard worker, very down to earth and simple in lifestyle. The symbol of Sagittarius is an archer whose upper portion is a human body and his lower body is of a horse.

This symbol shows that they achieve their goals and whomever they target is easily caught up by their magnetism and charismatic approach.

Their elder brother and sisters if any are very friendly and like to socialise. As Jupiter has its influence on the spiritual Sagittarius, they also practice spirituality, meditation. They are also interested in mysticism, occult science, etc.

They are good when it comes to deal in finance, stock markets, law, writing profession, etc.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

MOON transit in Scorpio between 23/1/17-25/1/17

MOON unfavourable transit between 23/1/17-25/1/17 in the constellation of Jyeshtha falls under the mystical Scorpio and moon doesn't like to be in this position.

Moon transits in Jyeshtha constellation under the mystic sign of Scorpio between 23/1/17-25/1/17. In this position Moon loses its energy and reacts negatively. Jyeshtha constellation in Scorpio is a bit cruel in its approach because of the energy of planet mars in the sign of Scorpio.

Moon will continue to remain so in this sign for next 2days. There will be extreme mood swings with those whose sign is Scorpio and their mother may also face some problems.

Here Moon is also placed with Saturn, saturn being dry and harsh planet with the emotional moon is not a good conjunction.

Scorpio should remain calm for next 2days and avoid any complications and arguments. In mythology moon loves to be in the opposite constellation of Rohini which falls under the sign of Taurus hence most of the Taurus sign people are lucky and planet moon always favors them but Scorpio moon is opposite to Taurus and here moon becomes aggressive and volatile.

Lot of mood swings and extreme emotions can be seen. Scorpions got to stay calm for next two days and as a remedy -tonight the moon will influence between 8.30pm- 9.30pm and between this period if one donates milk or rice it can give good results or may at least reduce the bad effects.

One may donate anytime in these two days. Also Scorpio got to be careful with their mothers health.

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

PISCES..Romantic zodiac

Pisces, the most romantic sign of all the zodiac signs. Family members are active but at times aggressive too. Their early childhood is quite restless and stressful with lots of ups and downs.

They talk very straight but at times are harsh too. Mother is very communicative and active. Their life partners are very intelligent and practical in their approach. They themselves are not so religious but they are spiritual.

Their father is very knowledgeable and commands respect. Generally they do not get along well with their siblings. Their house of romance being ruled by the planet of love and beauty - Moon, as such they become very romantic and creative.

But it depends on various other aspects and placements of other planets in the horoscope.
They can have chest, lungs, bones, throat, cough, cold, related health problems..

As they are ruled by Jupiter they are prone to gain weight. Pisces symbol are the two fishes moving in opposite direction which means their mind is restless. If moon goes weak in their chart they are unable to control their emotions but with an exalted moon they become head strong and very intuitive.

Because their subconscious mind gets the exalted power of Moon and Venus their intuition power is very strong and generally their impression about others is quite correct.

An exalted Venus in their chart gives them attractive looks because Venus loves the sign of Pisces. Generally their social circle consists of people who are very practical and down to earth.

Their enmity with others if any is open and known to every one around. Generally their occupation is something to do with knowledge, learning, religion, banking, agriculture, food industry, finance, law, etc.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CANCER zodiac sign and its mood swings..

Cancer runs on emotions. It's one of the most emotional signs of all the zodiac signs. They are deeply attached to their family but often do not show it.

Because of high Moon energy their minds can read in between the lines. They can know the circumstances around including people, places even before others can find out.

Their emotions can work for them both ways positive and negative. Others can take advantage of them because of their extreme mood swings.

Although they are very intelligent but their soft heartedness puts them in difficult situations. Their family is of opposite qualities - very strong, family commands respect, name and fame. Their younger brother and sister if any, are very intelligent.

Lord Ram, cancer zodiac sign - his entire life pattern was based on emotions. He showed the highest level of emotional strength.

Cancerian are also good in communication and mathematics. Generally they are good in studies. Their mother likes to socialise.

Their life partners are very down to earth and hard working but with a seriousness in behaviour or nature because they are so focused in their work. Life partners are very strong mentally and physically.

Cancerian are religious too. And when it comes to their profession they are very quick and active. Father is also very active. They have a good circle of friends and relatives. Their elder brother and sister if any, likes to socialise a lot.

Those Cancerian who struggle with mood swings should chant the moon mantra "Om shraam shreem shroum saha chandraaye namah"

Bharat B Bajaj

Monday, January 16, 2017


Your zodiac sign and your relationship with family - Parents, brother, sister, cousins, including relatives both paternal and maternal.

These guys are very shrewd as far as family relations is concerned. Generally they know what to speak and when. Because of this attitude they are able to strike a balance and get their things done.

They love to enjoy life, enjoying in their closed circle of family is important to them.

When family matters come, Taurus is intellectually involved. For them also entertainment and enjoyment with family is of prime importance.

They socialise with their family members and lot of communication and interaction is involved between family members.

Though being very intelligent but when it comes to family members they become emotional. They are emotionally attached to their family or they prefer to be that way.

Lot of sentiments are involved when family is concerned, the only negative side to this could be extreme mood swings while interacting with members of the family.

The type of family surroundings they have is somehow connected with name, fame and respect. They come from a respected background.

Though they themselves are emotional but their family members are not so.

Family members are very intelligent. Intellectuality connected with each other. Very practical. Lot of mental energy is involved.

Lot of communication among the family members.

There is lot of fun and entertainment involved among family members. Family members are easy going and also spend a lot.

Members of the family always insist on equality and uniformity in the family.

There is some sort of mysticism in the family atmosphere. The communication style among members is dry and harsh too. There is tendency among family members to hide something from one another.

If mars is well placed then there is lot of energy seen among the members and they encourage each other to be successful.

Lot of religious and spiritual activities can be seen in a Scorpio family. There is lot of knowledge sharing with each other. Can be said a family whose interested in wisdom, mantra, tantra etc.

Scorpio can also have large sized family, many relatives both paternal and maternal side.

Their family surroundings is dry and one of structure, order and discipline. It's not negative. Basically their lifestyle is simple, there is less communication between the family members.

Family members are very hardworking and not so emotionally attached.

Again a dry atmosphere in the family. It's not negative, it simply means they communicate with each other but only that much as required. No useless communication. There can be lot of struggle periods but they face the obstacles and come out victorious.

Interaction among family members is not so smooth but when they are united as one family, no body can trouble them.

They have a large family, with lot of members from paternal and maternal side. Lot of cousins, uncles, aunts etc. The communication style between the family members is knowledge based.

Lot of knowledge sharing with each other and love to socialise with the family members.

Family members are very active, physically and mentally. Lot of physical action with family members like travelling, sports, exercise, as a group the family is always on a go.

Restless family who do not prefer to sit at one place. And lot of energy can be seen.

The placement and aspect of malefic planets will change the above results..

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Friday, January 13, 2017

MAKAR Sankrant (Sun transit in Capricorn)

Makar Sankrant and Astrological significance..

Makar Sankrant is the transit of the Royal planet Sun in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is owned by planet Saturn.

Sun is the father of Saturn and here father goes to visit his son Saturn to finish enmity with him. He stays there for a month. Hence this day is considered auspicious to end all differences and enmity.

As Sun transits in Capricorn it's goes north for next 6 months hence its called Uttarayan.

As Sun enters his enemies zodiac sign ie. Capricorn his energy increases hence to protect from the rays of sun particularly on this day we apply sesame seed oil all over the body and for internal greasing of the body we eat it too in the form of sweets.

Sesame is one of the oldest cultivated plant as an oil seed. Even Egyptians used it as a medicine which dates back to 3600 years. Even in ancient Babylon, women used a mixture of honey and sesame seeds to prolong youth and beauty and Romans ate the mixture for strength and energy..

Sesame seed oil has been used for oral health for thousands of years in the traditional Indian medical tradition known as Ayurveda. It is capable of fighting against various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer cells. Is also used as Infant health massage. etc.

The day of Makar Sankrant also symbolises the importance of special relationship of father & son. As such father should visit his son and offer him gifts and his blessings.

In Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna said if one dies in six months from Suns transit in Capricorn gets final liberation (moksha) and at other times one has to come back for rebirth. In Mahabharata, the great Bhishma decided to leave his mortal body on this day while he was lying on the bed of arrows.

It's believed that on this very same day Maharaj Bhagirath brought River Ganga down on earth. On this day Lord Vishnu destroyed all demons.

Wishing you all a very happy Makar Sankrant in advance

Bharat B Bajaj

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Planet Saturn and Sun

Planet Saturn is the 2nd largest planet after Jupiter. Saturn is the son of Sun. But this Father and Son do not get along well in astrology. As they both are opposites in their qualities and nature hence Sun rules the daytime up to the point it sets and then Saturn rules the night time.

They both are equally powerful but still father will always remain father. Sun being the king gives orders and Saturn abides by it. But Saturn and Sun have their own time frames which differ.

Saturn only acts as per his time frame (Saturn time) and not as per Suns. Hence we are not aware when Saturn will give its result, we only know the time cycle on planet earth as per its motion around Sun but Saturn has his own time cycle too.

He gives results as per his time cycle, not as per the time which we are aware of on this planet earth which is calculated as per sun rise and sun set.

Saturn firmly believes in structure, order and discipline. It showers good and bad results as per our deeds. Currently three zodiac signs are under the strong influence of Saturn - Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn known as 7.5 years period.

Saturns aspect on these three signs can be good or bad, it depends from person to person.  Saturn being the slowest moving planet is said to delay things but this is not always true. It doesn't delay, it gives  results as per his time (Saturn time).

Indications that show if any person is strongly influenced by Saturn- person will have lot of hair on his body, will have a strict or reserved nature, he may have tendency to tell lies (but this is as per various other planets position also), strong bones, he can be tall.

Saturn is friendly with the planet of beauty Venus. As Saturn is cold it rules the west and sun rules east. The western world is strongly influenced by Saturn hence out of sheer discipline, hard work, they have progressed materially. Saturn is snow and sun is fire. There is more snowfall in west compared to east. Sun is the significator for spiritual progress. Sun is the soul in us who directs us towards final liberation (moksha).

The world cycle goes on endlessly, but final destination of the soul is to attain moksha after going through many births. Even the entire universe faces dissolution and again after eons the world cycle again begins.

When it dissolves it's believed that all have attained final liberation and when the world cycle again begins, all planets again take birth and materialism also takes birth. Again both Saturn and Sun play their respective roles and the world cycle goes on till it's next dissolution.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


In Astrology they say Gemini can sell ice even to Eskimos, they are so smart talkers. They rule the world of marketing.

Hence generally their profession has to do with sales, marketing, media, entertainment, event management, writers, singers, computer, modeling etc.

They have dual personality hence it becomes difficult for others to understand them. They talk sweetly. They come from a peaceful family background. It's like when they talk every one listens and enjoy their company. Their younger siblings if any are a bit extravagant and lavish in their style.

Their father loves to travel and gains name and fame. He is respected by others. Mother is intellectual who likes to go into detailing. Gemini get along well with mother usually as compared to father. Gemini has a beautiful personality and sharp features.

They do well in studies up to schooling but are less interested in higher education. Because of their  dual nature they often lose their focus in life. They get confused in deciding because of two minds they have, both minds tell them to go in opposite direction.

But because of their dual personality they are so quick in analyzing. They have two minds and others have one. You cannot beat a Gemini in their game.

Many times their partners have a tough time to cope up with them. And partners are also spirituality  inclined and they are not so.

The problem with Gemini is they change their decisions very quickly hence sometimes are unpredictable. But this is not true with every Gemini.

Their social circle consists of very hyper active friends, relatives. Their elder brother or sister if any are very active and often good in sports.

Because they have a restless mind they can fall into depression, blood related problems, brain disorder, sleeping problems etc.

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EGO in Astrology..

Ego is the "I ness" in us. Strangely this "I ness" doesn't last long and as the god of death pounces on us, our  ego is completely destroyed.

Like a fool we remain glued to our ego all through out our life time. In astrology planet Sun is the significator of our ego. But planet sun never says to boost it, Sun itself simply commands respect.

Because he is the creator of all other planets in the solar system he commands respect and all planets move in its orbit, it represents the ego in us.

He himself is light and ego. But when we pretend to act like him (the sun) we become egoistic. One can not pretend, it should be natural. We can command respect but we cannot demand it. It has to come naturally and that is what real sun is in all of us. But it gets effected as per our behaviour.

The zodiac sign of libra represents the masses, to work together in co-operation but planet Sun himself defines authority and leadership hence feels frustrated in libra because here he has to act in co operation with others (masses).

Sun cannot become the subject, he is the king himself, he rules over his subjects. Hence he cannot become libra, which is also a favourite sign of the bitter enemy of Sun, planet Saturn. Saturn believes in co-operation.

With the arrival of death our ego is destroyed and our true blissful self is attained (soul, which is the real SUN in us). Sun is the soul and moon is the mind. As per our good deeds the soul (sun) commands respect and a better life in our next life.

Sun is golden in colour, our soul is the sun and all our deeds are recorded in our soul and accordingly we get the next life. It is the computer chip which records all data which we use. This also is represented by Sun.

It's a pity, as we try to satisfy our ego, the sun in our horoscope loses its power and hence out of frustration gives us negative results like obstacles, enmity, heart problems, differences with father, problems from government, litigations etc.

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