Wednesday, January 11, 2017


In Astrology they say Gemini can sell ice even to Eskimos, they are so smart talkers. They rule the world of marketing.

Hence generally their profession has to do with sales, marketing, media, entertainment, event management, writers, singers, computer, modeling etc.

They have dual personality hence it becomes difficult for others to understand them. They talk sweetly. They come from a peaceful family background. It's like when they talk every one listens and enjoy their company. Their younger siblings if any are a bit extravagant and lavish in their style.

Their father loves to travel and gains name and fame. He is respected by others. Mother is intellectual who likes to go into detailing. Gemini get along well with mother usually as compared to father. Gemini has a beautiful personality and sharp features.

They do well in studies up to schooling but are less interested in higher education. Because of their  dual nature they often lose their focus in life. They get confused in deciding because of two minds they have, both minds tell them to go in opposite direction.

But because of their dual personality they are so quick in analyzing. They have two minds and others have one. You cannot beat a Gemini in their game.

Many times their partners have a tough time to cope up with them. And partners are also spirituality  inclined and they are not so.

The problem with Gemini is they change their decisions very quickly hence sometimes are unpredictable. But this is not true with every Gemini.

Their social circle consists of very hyper active friends, relatives. Their elder brother or sister if any are very active and often good in sports.

Because they have a restless mind they can fall into depression, blood related problems, brain disorder, sleeping problems etc.

Bharat B Bajaj