Thursday, January 12, 2017

Planet Saturn and Sun

Planet Saturn is the 2nd largest planet after Jupiter. Saturn is the son of Sun. But this Father and Son do not get along well in astrology. As they both are opposites in their qualities and nature hence Sun rules the daytime up to the point it sets and then Saturn rules the night time.

They both are equally powerful but still father will always remain father. Sun being the king gives orders and Saturn abides by it. But Saturn and Sun have their own time frames which differ.

Saturn only acts as per his time frame (Saturn time) and not as per Suns. Hence we are not aware when Saturn will give its result, we only know the time cycle on planet earth as per its motion around Sun but Saturn has his own time cycle too.

He gives results as per his time cycle, not as per the time which we are aware of on this planet earth which is calculated as per sun rise and sun set.

Saturn firmly believes in structure, order and discipline. It showers good and bad results as per our deeds. Currently three zodiac signs are under the strong influence of Saturn - Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn known as 7.5 years period.

Saturns aspect on these three signs can be good or bad, it depends from person to person.  Saturn being the slowest moving planet is said to delay things but this is not always true. It doesn't delay, it gives  results as per his time (Saturn time).

Indications that show if any person is strongly influenced by Saturn- person will have lot of hair on his body, will have a strict or reserved nature, he may have tendency to tell lies (but this is as per various other planets position also), strong bones, he can be tall.

Saturn is friendly with the planet of beauty Venus. As Saturn is cold it rules the west and sun rules east. The western world is strongly influenced by Saturn hence out of sheer discipline, hard work, they have progressed materially. Saturn is snow and sun is fire. There is more snowfall in west compared to east. Sun is the significator for spiritual progress. Sun is the soul in us who directs us towards final liberation (moksha).

The world cycle goes on endlessly, but final destination of the soul is to attain moksha after going through many births. Even the entire universe faces dissolution and again after eons the world cycle again begins.

When it dissolves it's believed that all have attained final liberation and when the world cycle again begins, all planets again take birth and materialism also takes birth. Again both Saturn and Sun play their respective roles and the world cycle goes on till it's next dissolution.

Bharat B Bajaj