Wednesday, January 11, 2017

EGO in Astrology..

Ego is the "I ness" in us. Strangely this "I ness" doesn't last long and as the god of death pounces on us, our  ego is completely destroyed.

Like a fool we remain glued to our ego all through out our life time. In astrology planet Sun is the significator of our ego. But planet sun never says to boost it, Sun itself simply commands respect.

Because he is the creator of all other planets in the solar system he commands respect and all planets move in its orbit, it represents the ego in us.

He himself is light and ego. But when we pretend to act like him (the sun) we become egoistic. One can not pretend, it should be natural. We can command respect but we cannot demand it. It has to come naturally and that is what real sun is in all of us. But it gets effected as per our behaviour.

The zodiac sign of libra represents the masses, to work together in co-operation but planet Sun himself defines authority and leadership hence feels frustrated in libra because here he has to act in co operation with others (masses).

Sun cannot become the subject, he is the king himself, he rules over his subjects. Hence he cannot become libra, which is also a favourite sign of the bitter enemy of Sun, planet Saturn. Saturn believes in co-operation.

With the arrival of death our ego is destroyed and our true blissful self is attained (soul, which is the real SUN in us). Sun is the soul and moon is the mind. As per our good deeds the soul (sun) commands respect and a better life in our next life.

Sun is golden in colour, our soul is the sun and all our deeds are recorded in our soul and accordingly we get the next life. It is the computer chip which records all data which we use. This also is represented by Sun.

It's a pity, as we try to satisfy our ego, the sun in our horoscope loses its power and hence out of frustration gives us negative results like obstacles, enmity, heart problems, differences with father, problems from government, litigations etc.

Bharat B Bajaj