Wednesday, January 11, 2017

SUFFERING in life and what Astrology says..

As per Vedic astrology and Vedanta theory, we as souls migrate through various life cycles taking different body types, looks, nature, etc as per our past karmic deeds.

Planet Sun the creator and the king of all the planets in the solar system signifies our soul. We the soul and planet Sun are one and same in Astrology.

As the God of death pounces on us, it reads our souls past deeds recorded in soul itself and gives results in the form of our next life which can be good or bad.

Soul (Sun) records all our lifetime deeds. It's the same computer chip which records all data so that we can use it in future. The colour of the computer chip and sun is golden.

If you want to find out true nature of your soul, look at the position of sun in your horoscope. If Sun is badly placed it means your soul wants to hurt others in this life or might have troubled others particular his father in his previous life.

You may notice when you are suffering, that time you also have differences with your father (Sun planet).

Other planets too play an important role in different areas of life. But all our sufferings are decided by the data stored (our this life deeds) in our soul (Sun).

When sun rises we too rise from our sleep to face the good and bad situations for that day. It's simple, Sun only highlights our right and wrong deeds and then orders other planets to give results accordingly. Sun being the king only orders and other planets do the actual work.

Thus remaining planets controlling various other departments like our looks, strength, memory, speech, our though pattern, struggles, gains, losses, life style etc, these planets do actual work to give us a particular type of life.

Hence according to the results of these planets we enjoy or suffer in different walks of life.

Bharat B Bajaj