Monday, January 23, 2017

MOON transit in Scorpio between 23/1/17-25/1/17

MOON unfavourable transit between 23/1/17-25/1/17 in the constellation of Jyeshtha falls under the mystical Scorpio and moon doesn't like to be in this position.

Moon transits in Jyeshtha constellation under the mystic sign of Scorpio between 23/1/17-25/1/17. In this position Moon loses its energy and reacts negatively. Jyeshtha constellation in Scorpio is a bit cruel in its approach because of the energy of planet mars in the sign of Scorpio.

Moon will continue to remain so in this sign for next 2days. There will be extreme mood swings with those whose sign is Scorpio and their mother may also face some problems.

Here Moon is also placed with Saturn, saturn being dry and harsh planet with the emotional moon is not a good conjunction.

Scorpio should remain calm for next 2days and avoid any complications and arguments. In mythology moon loves to be in the opposite constellation of Rohini which falls under the sign of Taurus hence most of the Taurus sign people are lucky and planet moon always favors them but Scorpio moon is opposite to Taurus and here moon becomes aggressive and volatile.

Lot of mood swings and extreme emotions can be seen. Scorpions got to stay calm for next two days and as a remedy -tonight the moon will influence between 8.30pm- 9.30pm and between this period if one donates milk or rice it can give good results or may at least reduce the bad effects.

One may donate anytime in these two days. Also Scorpio got to be careful with their mothers health.

Bharat B Bajaj