Saturday, January 21, 2017

PISCES..Romantic zodiac

Pisces, the most romantic sign of all the zodiac signs. Family members are active but at times aggressive too. Their early childhood is quite restless and stressful with lots of ups and downs.

They talk very straight but at times are harsh too. Mother is very communicative and active. Their life partners are very intelligent and practical in their approach. They themselves are not so religious but they are spiritual.

Their father is very knowledgeable and commands respect. Generally they do not get along well with their siblings. Their house of romance being ruled by the planet of love and beauty - Moon, as such they become very romantic and creative.

But it depends on various other aspects and placements of other planets in the horoscope.
They can have chest, lungs, bones, throat, cough, cold, related health problems..

As they are ruled by Jupiter they are prone to gain weight. Pisces symbol are the two fishes moving in opposite direction which means their mind is restless. If moon goes weak in their chart they are unable to control their emotions but with an exalted moon they become head strong and very intuitive.

Because their subconscious mind gets the exalted power of Moon and Venus their intuition power is very strong and generally their impression about others is quite correct.

An exalted Venus in their chart gives them attractive looks because Venus loves the sign of Pisces. Generally their social circle consists of people who are very practical and down to earth.

Their enmity with others if any is open and known to every one around. Generally their occupation is something to do with knowledge, learning, religion, banking, agriculture, food industry, finance, law, etc.

Bharat B Bajaj