Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CANCER zodiac sign and its mood swings..

Cancer runs on emotions. It's one of the most emotional signs of all the zodiac signs. They are deeply attached to their family but often do not show it.

Because of high Moon energy their minds can read in between the lines. They can know the circumstances around including people, places even before others can find out.

Their emotions can work for them both ways positive and negative. Others can take advantage of them because of their extreme mood swings.

Although they are very intelligent but their soft heartedness puts them in difficult situations. Their family is of opposite qualities - very strong, family commands respect, name and fame. Their younger brother and sister if any, are very intelligent.

Lord Ram, cancer zodiac sign - his entire life pattern was based on emotions. He showed the highest level of emotional strength.

Cancerian are also good in communication and mathematics. Generally they are good in studies. Their mother likes to socialise.

Their life partners are very down to earth and hard working but with a seriousness in behaviour or nature because they are so focused in their work. Life partners are very strong mentally and physically.

Cancerian are religious too. And when it comes to their profession they are very quick and active. Father is also very active. They have a good circle of friends and relatives. Their elder brother and sister if any, likes to socialise a lot.

Those Cancerian who struggle with mood swings should chant the moon mantra "Om shraam shreem shroum saha chandraaye namah"

Bharat B Bajaj