Monday, August 4, 2014

The Art Of Real Living...(Updated)

Live a Purified, Healthy, Peaceful and a Beautiful lifestyle by following these :
  • With no thought of happiness or distress, profit or loss, victory or defeat, perform your duties under the frame of law of being a) A Teacher, or b) A Protector,c) A Trader/Merchant, d) A Lobour, which ever class you belong to and you shall never incur sin.
  • The Living Entity since thousands of years has been performing actions to satisfy the senses for sense gratification under the influence of false ego and considers that satisfying the human senses is the prime goal of life. But one who performs actions for Lords satisfaction without considering himself the cause of the result of his actions, with no thought of gain and loss and insecurity, such a person immediately gives up bad actions and remains neutral with no dualities and anxieties.Thus for such a person happiness and distress, loss or gain all are same, and he starts enjoying within, ever satisfied in "self" and disconnects the senses from its objects though due to body presence the taste remains but one who has experienced the higher taste, such a person becomes stable in devotion to Lord and attains real peace.
  • Prayers, sacrifices and charity should never be given up and one should always perform them, even as per vedic rituals.
  • One who is satisfied with self, who remains in self and in a state of bliss, happy within, who enjoys within and who is fully satisfied with its own self, for such a person there is no work, neither he is dependent on any work nor he refuses not to do any work.
  • The Living entity in false ego considers himself to be the cause of all his actions and its results which in reality are performed by the three modes of material nature - Mode of Goodness, Passion and Ignorance.
  • Without Prayers and sacrifice one cannot live happily in this life, then what to say about next?
  • Such a person is liked by all who acts in devotional service and whose mind and senses are in his full control.
  • Only with unalloyed devotional service to Lord, one can know him completely and one who has surrendered all material actions and its results to Lord and is always engaged in service to Lord, who works for him and whose aim and goal is Lords satisfaction, such a person finally achieves the Lord. following are the ways to achieve him: a) Always think of the Lord, b) If you are unable to think of him then offer your services and prayers to him, c) If you can not offer your service and prayers then work for Lord in Lords consciousness, d) If you still can not do this then work without fruitive results (because anyway all results are given by Lord only) and working without fruitive results also gives peace of mind, e) If you can not practice this also then try to meditate., f) If you cannot do meditation then try to attain knowledge of God.
  • A Living entity who is not jealous of anyone and is a friend of all, who is same and neutral in happiness and distress, always remains in "self", experiencing self and concentrates his mind and intellect always on the Lord, from whom nobody is hurt and to whom nobody can disturb or distract, who does not fear and never gets tensed, one who is pure, free from all dualities and anxieties, who does not regret anytime, neither desires anything and sacrifices both holy and unholy thing, who is a like to friends and enemies, honor and dis honor, always stays away from bad company, always silent and satisfied, not bothered about having a homely life, if he gets homely life its fine and if he does not get still hes fine, who is fixed in knowledge and devoted to Lord, such a person is very dear to Lord.