Thursday, April 17, 2014

Does Freedom of Will Exist..?

Using the power of my senses which has its own limitations, freedom of will does not exist. Even as per Bhagavad Gita actions performed by a living entity are performed by the material modes of nature and the "Self" does nothing at all, but because the living entity embodied in this material body is conditioned by these three modes of nature -modes of goodness,passion and ignorance, he believes himself to be the doer which actually is not so. Then if this is the law of material world that every endeavor, every act is the sole responsibility of these three modes, then a question arises that are we as humans not to be held responsible for our acts. The laws of material nature still holds us responsible because of our ignorance about this knowledge and because of our "false ego" which makes us believe that we are the doer, creator and hence out of pride we take the credit. Free will cannot exist because it will give birth to a new concept - "Practice crime willfully and willfully escape the punishment". This is not possible. Acts will be performed but the one in knowledge about the three qualities/modes of human material living entities should transcend these three modes/qualities and in that position acts performed have no karmic results..As such there is nothing like free will and everything seems to be predetermined. As Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita - "you can perform your activities but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions, never consider yourself to be the cause of the result of your actions and never consider not doing your prescribed duties". A living entity can definitely try to give its best in what ever acts he performs but cannot be truly considered to be the cause of the result because results are as per the "Will of God". Its as per his directions that sun rises every morning and sets in the evening. There are innumerable planets and stars in the the never ending space, and since thousands of years this time cycle is moving. We do not yet know the mysteries of this cosmic manisfestation and we talk about free will!