Saturday, April 12, 2014

Karma, Free from Karmic reactions

All karmic actions are product of either mode of goodness, mode of passion or mode of ignorance or a mix of these three, anything done in mode of passion is done with aim to achieve some material gain, in beginning it gives some pleasure but at its end it only results in pain and distress, similarly the other two modes of ignorance and goodness also binds us to some karmic reaction. This circle of karm goes on giving us good and bad times in different walks of life. But if we are able to transcend these three modes of nature or  qualities and still perform our actions (which anyway we have to) but constantly remembering the Almighty, i believe then we are not understood to be under the clutches of  karma and are free from its reactions, because constant thought of god will definitely not bind us to any material deeds. What ever we are doing remembering lord means we are doing for lord and we are doing what ought to be done