Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wish We Could Merge Ourselves With The Supersoul...

The Rigid nature of the laws of karma offers no flexibility with regards to good and evil deeds. But the same rigid laws surrender before blissful deeds.

We the living entities as our real "self" never perish. The temporary body fools us to identify ourselves with it.

Everything is predetermined as per the laws of karma. Only hard work, filling the gaps in between positively to satisfy self and then automatically the society, asking for forgiveness, transcending the three modes of nature, charity, sacrifice, living in present, making your presence felt, remembering the almighty, fulfilling all justified desires of your family, helping the needy and complete acceptance that everything is predetermined. The combination of all this results on positive and better life.

The unreal world that we live in is only a combination of the field of activity (the kshetra), the knower of this field and the one that is to be known.

 Whatever is written in your destiny will never change no matter how much you try, so in Bhagvad Gita Shri Krishna says:

"Tu karta wohi hai jo tu chahta hai,  par hota woh hai jo main chahta hun,


Tu kar woh jo main chahta hun,  phir hoga woh jo tu chahta hai"

The bass of strong and positive attitude is to stay away from diseases like anxieties, dualities, high emotions, absence of wisdom and to drop the false ego and to try to merge "self" with the "supersoul" (supreme lord)

Focusing on gaps in between thoughts arising in your mind is one way to focus on the "Eternal supreme being"

The body has several layers, its like a very strong cage from which escape looks impossible. Anyways why should I even desire "escape", when "desiring" itself is the cause of distress.