Monday, January 9, 2017


Wisdom is a lifetime achievement and not an overnight success.

The road to immortality is to first develop a pure intention to achieve it. Then to enquire through self the purpose of your life, to enquire what this life is all about?. What is this birth and death both of which we experience in a matter of short span of 70-80 years and have been experiencing it since time immemorial.

Having realized the goal to attain, one needs to make his mind extremely subtle by meditation and concentration on the formless form of the almighty.

Reaching this state, the truth is known that the super soul and we the soul are one and the same just how waves on the surface of the sea and the sea itself is one and the same.

When this is realized all attachments and bondage is dropped completely because now with whom to remain attached and to whom to be bonded with?

Crossing this stage, even objectivity is dropped, as every where, up and down, here and there, within and without only one super soul is seen.

When you even cross over this stage and go beyond all this you attain final liberation or moksha.

Bharat B Bajaj