Thursday, January 5, 2017


Total realisation that this world is a temporary phenomena. One day the God of death will pounce upon us just how a tiger pounces on its prey.

When life itself is temporary, even all other relations like wife, children, father, mother, friends and even enemies all are temporary. it's foolish to have any attachment for these worldly relations and make ourselves suffer.

To realise and understand that at the time of birth the moment we come in contact with this material world and universe, we are conditioned by the qualities of nature and thus are forced to act in accordance with the nature.It's a pity that we are unaware of this fact.

To know about the qualities of nature that compel us to act according to them and having known, to transcend these qualities, thus remaining free from them and thus remaining free from their reactions which are both good and bad.

The qualities of this nature are the three modes - The mode of goodness, the mode of passion and the mode of ignorance which we should transcend and remain untouched by them.

The mode of goodness gives good results, the mode of passion results in anxiety, stress, temporary happiness etc, the mode of ignorance results in distress, inauspicious acts, madness, unhappiness.

Because of being forced to perform action under the influence of these three modes at different times one faces both happiness and distress in different walks of life.

Having full knowledge about these three modes and its influence on us, one should thus transcend all these three and still perform action only as a matter of duty, action that needs to be performed as per circumstances is untouched by these three modes and has no reaction.

Karma is not developed when your actions as such has no reaction.

Thus when there are no karmic deeds, the question of good and bad deeds doesn't arise.

Having known that this world and the universe is temporary and  nothing exists for ever - life, relations, happiness, sadness, gain, loss, fear, etc everything vanishes in a matter of time.

Time consumes everything, from generation to generation. It means this world and the universe itself is an illusion. With firmly establishing this truth one who continues to live is undisturbed by the flow of desires and cravings for body pleasure because now he has realized the illusionary nature of this universe.

Having fully realized that only Infinite consciousness alone exists to whom we also call God, Lord, supreme personality, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Jesus, Allah etc is without any form. He is formless,and endless, all these universe and worlds are nothing but he himself. Thus he is even beyond time.

And we all and the infinite consciousness are actually one but as we desired to experience ourselves as a different identity, we became soul and he the super soul.

The secret to immortality or longevity lies in all the above paragraphs. It's simple if with our minds we intend to believe in the existence of this world, then the world will surely exist for us, for example - we want to believe in the importance of the ornament made of gold and its beautiful design but isn't it that the ornament and the metal gold are one and the same. If the ornament is melted it's nothing but gold.

Similarly just how the ornament is given importance, we have given importance to this unreal world which actually is unreal because the world has come out of the infinite consciousness thus they both are one only but only appear to be two different identities.

Now when you see everything as infinite consciousness alone, what is there to be stressful about, to be anxious about, what is there to fear, where the question of existence of time exists?, what is there to be elated about being young or distressed about being old?

When time, periods, life, universe, coming and going all are synonymous and actually is only one infinite consciousness, then even where is the question of bondage and liberation?. What are we bonded in and from what we have to free ourselves?

Having established in this truth and further realizing that all the good and bad we are facing is as per our karmic deeds coming forward from our past lives according to which we are born in this life with set of latent tendencies which are both good and bad and they become our habit in this life.

The bad latent tendencies we should drop them one by one complete because if we stick to them they will again give us bad results and make us suffer, and the good latent tendencies to be adopted for a happy and peaceful life.

How much self control we have over our mind from engaging our body senses in seeking sense pleasure, i.e. the firm an decisive renunciation of craving for sense pleasure. There is nothing wrong in being happy but if our happiness depends on seeking pleasure for our body senses then as this happiness ends, distress will follow because now the body senses are in search for new pleasure.

How self contended are we, someone is not happy even with all sorts of pleasures and comforts and there are others who are at peace and self contended with the little they have. You cannot define what is the threshold of little and more. It's all in our mind. If our mind says we are happy and contended then we are, but if the same mind says that what we have is not enough then we are distressed.

The type of food that we eat plays a very important role as far as struggles and comforts are concerned. The food should be pure, healthy, neither very salty nor very sweet, should not be excessively bitter too. Diet should consist of mainly natural foods, fruits, salads, green vegetables, etc.

There are two types of living entities - one is a fool and the other intelligent - The intelligent practices concentration and meditation thus always keeping his mind under his control untouched by fear,anxiety, anger and stress, cravings, thus when he leaves the world he goes at his own sweet and will without much struggle. But the fool who doesn't practice meditation, at the time of arrival of death goes through lot of hardships and pain, because he is so much attached to this unreal world believing it to be real, he has to experience the properties and characteristics of this world, i.e. creation and dissolution, birth and death, pleasure and pain. Hence when he has experienced pleasure during his life time how can he not experience pain at death?

The quality of your circle of friends and relatives plays a very important role to decide the quality of your life. Evil company will give you evil lessons to learn and evil thoughts and evil experiences, where as company of good, saintly, knowledgeable people will give you pure thoughts, good lessons to learn and happiness.

The best companionship for you is your own self. As earlier said that one supreme and pure infinite consciousness alone exists and we are nothing but a particle of it, when we and the infinite consciousness are one and the same. And when we know that he himself is the abode of ultimate happiness and bliss, it only means we can easily enjoy our own company because we ourselves are that infinite consciousness. We can easily rest in our own self and enjoy within.

The truth cannot be denied that all these planets, stars, this world, all exist due to the power of that infinite consciousness or god what ever we name it. Hence we need to remember that super power by offering prayers, meditation, sacrifices, charity etc. because just how holding our fathers hand we feel secured similarly being in touch with that infinite consciousness will make us feel secured, happy and at peace right up to the point of arrival of our death.

Last but not the least, every action and reaction is as per the laws of karma and our divine sages thousands of years ago understood the means through astrology to know these laws of karma and their results by mapping them in the form of a horoscope which is nothing but a persons karmic deeds and its results and along with it giving us the remedies to pacify the heavenly planets, gods and goddesses by offering prayers, chanting mantra, sacrifices, charity etc. As such astrology plays an important role in our life.