Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Science of life..

The science of life is what astrology is all about. It maps your past life and present life in the form of a horoscope.

Your strengths and weakness are determined by the positions of planets, zodiac signs, 27 nakshatras, the 12 houses, etc.

The complex network of all this is studied and calculated and the truth is known. Some people are successful in life, others have to struggle because the planets predetermine our life pattern as per our past life karmic deeds.

It's obvious one cannot run away with their own wrongs and these planet and zodiac signs catch up to give results good and bad for our past life deeds hence we get a particular kind of life, our looks, family, enemies and friends, wealth, success, failure etc.

The planets that make us struggle need to be pacified by different astrological remedies like prayers, offerings, mantra, sacrifices, charity, etc.

The foremost remedy is not to hurt and cheat anyone. Astrology is like any other science, for example when we are having cold and cough we are told to restrain from having anything cold. Similarly if we hurt others how can we expect laws of karma not to punish us.

The horoscope clearly determines the struggles one faces in his/ her life and that area needs to be handled with astrological remedies. But above all these remedies is the supreme lord, if he listens to your prayers then even these remedies may not be required.

Bharat B Bajaj
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