Wednesday, January 4, 2017



Only if mind is brought under control of the self, when there is nothing much to communicate, nothing much to express, no attachments with worldly objects, relations, etc.

When you are free from all sorts of emotional attachments, free from love, hatred, likes and dislikes. Neither you are mentally and emotionally depending on others nor others are depending on you, neither you live for others nor die for them.

Realising that this world is temporary and over here nothing exists for ever. When nothing is permanent, time, periods, life, relationships, achievements, failures, emotions, attachments, all this disappear in short period of time but still man in a state of ignorance thinking all this to be permanent engages his mind in this complex network of life and suffers.

Moon is the significator of mind. To have a steady and undisturbed mind chant the moon mantra, drink lots of water, wear silver. But if moon is badly placed in your horoscope avoid wearing silver.

Moon loves the zodiac sign of Taurus and dislikes to be in Scorpio.

Bharat B Bajaj
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