Wednesday, January 4, 2017


It's only mind that makes you experience good and bad, anxiety and fear, happiness and sadness. It's reality a pity that mankind totally under the control of mind is struggling since time immemorial, facing all hardships, and grows old, effected by diseases and finally vanishes.

A complete wastage in the name of living, contemplating, arguing, planning, cheating, hoarding & finally dying. The world would become a better place only if mind is under the control of man

A pure mind, free from lust, greed and anger, neutral to both loss and gain, who looks upon all beings with equal vision, having brought under control the sensations of pleasure and pain, a self-controlled person. He who, though living amongst all is unaffected by them, neither feels elated nor hates, even as one is during sleep

The restless mind which is full of cravings for pleasure should be cut asunder with the weapon of self knowledge that these cravings and desires are of temporary nature. And it is the nature of desire to desire more after one desire is fulfilled. Look yourself within, the soul resides in the space of your heart which is but a fraction particle of the infinite super soul .

That infinite super soul residing as soul in you is one and the same super soul , the ocean and its waves are one and the same. It's the infinite super soul which is resting in your heart , listen to it and not to the outside world which is full of chaos and confusion and which exists only as an appearance just how an image of lion appears in a painting .

It's foolish to get agitated and fearsome seeing a lion on a painting. Similarly what's the need to get disturbed and distracted by the outside world and why not to remain established in self and in a state of equilibrium enjoying within, unaffected by the evils of life.

In this state you will listen to all but your ears will take in only that what is worth listening, your eyes may see all but your vision will be only on that what is worth seeing, you won't speak much but only that what is worth speaking, what you speak will become music to ears. You will be liked by all.

Thus your thoughts fully under your control will be focused only in realising the truth that the infinite consciousness alone exists , that your thoughts are itself nothing but the the infinite consciousness itself , in such  a state what is required to be thought , to contemplate, to calculate when other than the infinite conscious nothing else exists. You as an infinite consciousness becomes friends with the infinite consciousness that you yourself are, there is no duality , only one remains , you and your blissful self.