Tuesday, January 3, 2017

SUN in Astrology

SUN in astrology:
Sun, the royal planet in astrology, As we know Sun gives light hence in which ever house in your horoscope it sits it illuminates that house. Sun is the significator of our prestige, ego, authority, how dominating we are, It commands respect, it also signifies politics, politicians, high status, people who are on high posts like Government servants, IPS officers, CEOs, even surgeons, celebrities, fame, your father etc.
The placement of Sun in your horoscope decides how influential you are, your status in society. 
If SUN IS IN YOUR 1ST HOUSE in your birth chart, it means this person commands respect. People look at him with a positive approach. His father is very close to him and father also commands respect in society. Though this placement of sun may also make him egoistic but not necessary as aspect of other planets on sun has to be considered.
SUN IN THE 2ND HOUSE - This person loves to accumulate wealth and also likes to show off his richness. He is in a commanding position in his family and very close to his father. His father seems to be the bread earner in the family. This Sun may cause stress between family members due to ego hassles.
SUN IN THE 3RD HOUSE - It makes this person very courageous, loves teamwork but is the leader of the team. Good in creative fields like event management, arts, dance, media etc. Father may be religious.
SUN IN THE 4TH HOUSE - loves to accumulate properties, vehicles, parents are dominating. He lives like a king, has broad chest, parents may also be professionally successful. 
SUN IN THE 5TH HOUSE - Bright chances of being a successful politician, he is a celebrity, very creative, loves to speculate, his children are successful. Has high profile contacts. Loves to be in the lime light.
SUN IN THE 6TH HOUSE - may have troubles from those with high status background, trouble from government, tax related issues, headaches, fever, weak bones.
SUN IN THE 7TH HOUSE - This placement is not so good, may have differences and ego problems with your partner, others also look at him as if he's a dictator, others talk ill about him. This person may behave rudely but again as I said earlier other planets placement is also to be seen before coming to a final conclusion.
SUN IN THE 8TH HOUSE - This person finds it difficult to keep things secret. And he/she may give out even that information which he/she was not supposed to. This is also not a good placement for Sun.
SUN IN THE 9TH HOUSE - here Sun does well, person is very knowledgeable, religious. But his ego may rise and make him proud of his knowledge. Father commands respect and may be religious too. These guys like to read and write and travel long distances.
SUN IN THE 10TH HOUSE can give professional success. He/ she is very much attached to father. Father may also help them in their career. This person commands respect. And others turn to him for advise. Can do well in various fields like politics, acting, government jobs, banking, he may be a celebrity, etc
SUN IN THE 11TH HOUSE in your horoscope and this person gains a lot, his elder brother may be famous. This persons incoming profits are good, can do well in business and trade also.
SUN IN THE 12TH HOUSE- A show off who likes to spend a lot and show his richness, this is not considered a good place for sun. Father spends a lot. Person may be a doctor, a jail administrator, somebody who is managing retirement homes for aged, child care centres, he/ she may be interested to attain moksha, etc.
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