Sunday, January 8, 2017

Action defined as per Vedic science..

Astrology and the science of action..

Pure movement in consciousness is karma or action without an independent doer. (Sun)

When it pursues the fruition of such action it is known as karma.(mars)

When it entertains the notion "I have seen this" it is known as memory. (Mercury)

When the effect of past enjoyment continue to remain, it is known as latent tendency.(ketu)

When it is consciousness of the truth that the vision of division is the product of ignorance it is known as knowledge. (Jupiter)

When it moves towards greater self forgetfulness and deeper involvement in false tendencies, it is known as impurity. (Saturn)

When it creates confusion between reality and appearance, it is known as Maya. (Rahu)

When it thinks "I am bound", there is bondage.

When it thinks "I am free, there is freedom.

Materialism is the cause of material planets like sun, mars, saturn, Jupiter etc. Material is dual, non material is one. Material action is as per the influence of the heavenly planets as per our past deeds.
We can not run away with our wrongs and fool these planets. Right action is possible only with right intention. If intention is wrong, the action may result as per your desire but the planets soon catch up effecting your memories, your physical action, your level of knowledge, your struggles, your obsession, your gains and your freedom.

Bharat B Bajaj
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