Sunday, January 8, 2017


The world exists and it also does not. It exists for the one who believes in its existence and for the one who totally realise in utter non existence of this world it does not exist (those who have attained moksha and those rare ones who continue to exist on this planet but being fully detached doing nothing internally but only appear to be doing externally).

It all manifests in your mind. If your mind says you are important then you are, if it says this life is real then it is, if it  believes in the existence of pleasure and pain, then they exist.

But if the same mind sees this world as an illusion, believes in the non existence of time, periods. If mind sees only the infinite consciousness in each every atom, if it realizes the existence of infinity to the stretch of eternity then all this is what the mind sees and believes, in this case there are no worlds, no universe, no relations, no pleasure and pain (materially), not even bondage and liberation.

The pain and struggle that one experiences from the changeover of childhood to youth and from youth to old age is only out of belief in existence of the material world. Obviously something that is material will give you material pleasures and pain and something that is non material won't give you any material pleasures and pains because the cause that gives rise to materialism does not exist in the infinite consciousness.

Infinity is infinity, it never came into existence hence it cannot perish too. It is always there forever. The cause that gives rise to its destruction does not exist in it. The infinite consciousness is the middle between the existence and non existence of this universe because it alone exists. It doesn't go any change whatsoever. It doesn't depend on anything, non duality does not exist in it. It's "one" with no beginning, no middle and no end to it.

One who lives in it, thinks of that alone though still living like any other normal being is untouched by the miseries of this world, because he sees that happiness and unhappiness, loss and gain, this and that, mine and his, etc all these chase each other but he remains aloof from them untouched by emotions, untouched by the existence of this world which appears to be real.

In a such an awesome state his own body becomes the source of ultimate delight. It doesn't make any difference to him whether he is young or old, rich or poor, because he has known the truth

Bharat B Bajaj
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