Friday, January 6, 2017


Astrology can play a very important role when it comes to deal with your life partner.

It's obvious things opposite to each other compliment and attract each other. Black and white look good together. Man has to give protection to a woman, woman has the right to demand protection from him. Opposite qualities compliment each other.

Simply look at the planet sitting in the 7th house and the zodiac sign in it, ie. the number which is written in there. These two things will tell you about your partner.

Once you understand this through your horoscope it will become easier for you to handle your partner.

1) Sun or zodiac sign Leo placed in the 7th house indicates a dominating partner, sun a royal planet, prefers every thing royal in his or her life. Your partner may have ego problems, the way out is you got to accept your partner this way by sometimes feeding his/her ego and other times staying aloof.

2) Planet moon or cancer sign in 7th house - your partner is very moody and emotional, sometimes elated, other times depressed. He or she expects a loving and caring partner. If you don't show your emotions it will become a difficult marriage.

3) Planet Mars and Aries or Scorpio in your 7th house, if mars is in the 7th house, then you had it. Your partner will show signs of aggression, anger. Can be abusive too, this is a difficult place for mars, If Aries or Scorpio is seen with no mars then it's a different story as things are milder but with signs of aggression.

4) Planet Mercury and sign Gemini or Virgo in the 7th house indicates a beautiful and intelligent partner, has excellent talking power and good in business and trade particularly if Mercury is placed in there. You got to be at par with your partner.

5) Planet Jupiter and sign Sagittarius or Pisces in the 7th house indicates an intelligent and knowledgeable life partner. He or she will be a guiding force.Jupiter a planet of higher learning, your partner will be religious and spiritual.

6) Planet Venus and sign Taurus or libra in the 7th house shows a life partner who is very passionate, loves to socialize and prefers all comforts of life. The negative side to this is you or your partner may have extra out of marriage relationships but again depends on various other factors of your horoscope.

7) Planet Saturn and sign Capricorn or Aquarius in the 7th house - a partner who is a hard worker particularly if Saturn is in the 7th house, this person believes in structure, order and discipline, strict in his or her approach. If it's only Aquarius or Capricorn then things are milder. An Aquarian here will be a deep thinker, a creative person and a Capricorn a hard worker, very down to earth.

8) Rahu or Ketu in the 7th house, they both are shadow planets hence they can hide something about your partner, may be something minor or major, depends. Rahu and Ketu are like smoke, how smoke covers everything around for sometime and when it disappears things are seen, similarly during later part of life something's related to your partner which was unknown to you will be known.

In all above placements and aspects many other things have to be looked into, these are just basic indications of what kind of partner will you have.

Bharat B Bajaj
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