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The COMPATIBLE zodiac signs..

How humans vary in nature - emotional, strong hearted, restless, introverts, down to earth etc.
Similarly the 12 zodiac signs also differ in nature, some signs are soft, some are aggressive, some are playful and then there are some who are down to earth.

Aries Sign -
They are physically active, they do well in sports, this is one of the favourite signs of planet mars and energy of mars can be seen in Aries. They are extremely restless. They are vibrant, charming, have a beautiful smile. They are emotionally attached to their mother. Their father is a man of structure, order and discipline. They can get along well with Sagittarius, Virgo

Taurus Sign -
They are down to earth, flexible, love to socialise, travel, this is a favourite sign of the planet of beauty Venus and moon. A very stable mind and intelligent too, they have a beautiful face, and have good communication skills. Good in financial matters, their mother is dominating. They get along well with Virgo, Gemini

Gemini Sign -
They are very quick, highly intelligent, masters in communication, they know many languages, good salesperson, good in mathematics, calculations, they like to flirt, socialise, they party hard, they are not stable and seem to have dual personality. A favourite sign of the intellectual Mercury. They get along well with libra, Leo.

Cancer Sign -
They are very emotional and close to their mother, father seems to be s strict personality, very intelligent and cautious, they too are good in talking, they have a analytical mind. They love to read and be indoors, they are homely and like to stay in a beautiful house. The most auspicious of all planets Jupiter loves this sign. They get along well with Pisces, Sagittarius

Leo Sign -
They are dominating, very lively, have a pleasing personality, they love politics, creativity, they are calculative in their approach. The royal planet Sun likes to be in Leo. They like to party and socialize. They get along well with Gemini, Taurus

Virgo Sign -
They are cautious and calculative in their approach. They are born critics, very practical and down to earth. Highly intelligent and good in mathematics. The intelligent planet Mercury enjoys this sign. There mother is religious and father is good in business and trade. They get along well with Aries, Capricorn

Libra Sign -
They are easy going, they enjoy shopping, though they are balanced in their approach, they tend to sometimes go out of control like they may spend a lot, there father is emotionally attached to them and mother is a bit dominating and of disciplined approach. The planet of beauty Venus and the strict Saturn feels comfortable with libra. They get along well with Gemini, Capricorn

Scorpio Sign -
They are restless, very passionate, intelligent, they observe things around, analytical mind, mystics, very knowledgeable, they are good in secret affairs, occult science, secret agents, they can be reformers too but their restless mind becomes a hurdle for them in different walks of life. Mars the hot planet loves this sign. They get along well with Gemini, Pisces

Sagittarius Sign -
They are always in a learning mode as they like to acquire more and more knowledge. Very sharp in their approach, they religious too, they think twice before speaking, but once they get along they turn out to be one of the best companions, they are party animals. The fiery Sagittarius is loved by Jupiter and sun. They get along well with Leo, Aries

Capricorn Sign -
They are very practical in their approach, very dry at times, they are disciplined in their approach. They love to socialise but they have a limit on it. There mother is very active and father easy going. The disciplined and hardworking Saturn likes this sign. Normally they are introverts and have their fixed set of social circle. Very hardworking. They do well with Taurus, Virgo

Aquarius Sign -
They are easy going but extremely unpredictable, sometimes they socialise a lot and other times they prefer to be left alone in their deep thoughts. The structured and philosophical Saturn enjoys to be with Aquarius along with Venus. They have a pleasing personality and are concerned about the welfare of the society, hence are in deep thinking mode trying to find out the means for an improved society. They get along well with libra, Gemini

Pisces Sign -
They are soft in their approach, even their speech is soft, they also tend to have mood swings and a dual nature, father seems to be religious and mother easy going. The auspicious Jupiter just loves this sign and the planet of beauty Venus feels exalted here. They always have a smile on their face. They get along well with Scorpio, cancer

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