Saturday, January 7, 2017

LEO sign

Leo a majestic zodiac of all the zodiac signs. Very vibrant, lively and full of life.  Leo is under the domain of planet sun, the royal planet but if malefic planets like Saturn or Mars put their influence on Leo then it tends to effect its lively and full of life attitude and they behave negatively. But all this depends on other planets, their aspects etc.

But otherwise Leo are wonderful beings. Larger then life. They are highly intelligent but not very quick in their communication skills. They are leaders. At times they have ego problems. They are lucky as far as finance is concerned.

There life partner is easy going type. One who loves entertainment and comforts of life. But their partners are also philosophical and deep thinkers.

They do well in various fields like acting, art, politics, business, medical fields, etc. Either they socialise a lot or they prefer to stay aloof and only mix with their close friends and family. They are the centre of attraction.

Overall they are very lucky. But when their ego is hurt they show their wild negative side. They are not very talkative like the Gemini or Aquarius but most of the time when they talk others can learn a lot from them.

Just how when the lion roars other animals remain quite. Leo is a dominating zodiac hence they got to be careful with their dominating attitude which sometimes puts them into problems. Most of the Leo's are successful because they know the difference between dominating and leading.

They have a good personality, charm and attractive features.

Bharat B Bajaj
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