Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Unfavourable Conjunction of planet Mars and Venus in the Zodiac sign of Cancer..

The placement and transit of planets play a very important role  in Astrology. The destiny of an individual depends on these planets, the Mahadasha of the planet he or she is going through, whether a particular planet is weak or strong in the birth chart and of course the actions performed by the individual.

At present the conjunction of planets Mars and Venus in the zodiac sign of Cancer is not considered auspicious. Planet Mars is all about action and aggression, will power. And planet Venus is all about love, finance, luxury, comforts etc. Every planet gets exalted and debilitated in some zodiac sign and planet Mars gets debilitated or weak in the zodiac sign of Cancer because Cancer is the sign of emotions, sentiments ruled by planet Moon. Here Mars doesn't feel comfortable because it's nature is all about action and aggression and has nothing to do with emotions and sentiments, hence here Mars though still has to show his powerful nature puts negative energy on planet Venus which is sharing the zodiac sign of cancer with planet Mars for the time being.
Venus which signifies money matters, financial markets is facing the negative aggression of Mars hence there is extreme volatility in the stock markets. Also chances of criminal activities by celebrities.

Till mid September 2015 the scenario is not good and May last till month end. Also planet Jupiter is combust for some time due to closeness with planet Sun.
In 2nd half of September 2015 Rahu will throw its negative aspect on his old enemy Sun and Sun will lose its power (surya grahan) . Combination of Mars and Venus also causes natural disasters. Particularly all those having Aquarius ascendant will face health problems and obstacles, losses. Pisces ascendents may face problems related to there children, stock market losses. Aries ascendent individuals may face property disputes or their mothers may have health issues, Taurus ascendents may have differences with their neighbours and friends, Gemini ascendents may have financial problems, cancer ascendents may become aggressive in their approach and obstacle in studies, Leo ascendents may incur high expenditure and losses in long distance travels, Virgo ascendents may have trouble from their social circle, Libran ascendents can have trouble in their profession and business, Scorpio ascendents may have issues with their in laws and obstacles in higher studies, Sagittarius ascendents can face sudden ups and downs, Capricorn ascendents may have differences with their life partner and business partner and difficulty in trade and business.

Ascendent is the 1st house in the birth chart.