Sunday, January 21, 2007

Transcend / Overcome the three modes of material nature

When the embodied being is able to transcend these three modes of material nature, ie. mode of goodness, mode of passion and mode of ignorance, he becomes free from birth, death, old age and their distresses and can enjoy nectar even in this life.

One who does not hate illumination, attachment and delusion when they are present, nor longs for them when they dissapear, one who is seated like one unconcerned, being situated beyond these material reactions of the modes of nature, who remains firm, who regards alike pleasure and pain and for whom a clod, a stone and a piece of gold is one and the same, who is wise and holds praise and blame to be the same, who is unchanged in honor and dishonor, who treats friends and foe alike, who has abondoned all fruitive undertakings - SUCH A MAN IS SAID TO HAVE TRANSCENDED THE THREE MODES OF NATURE, and thus comes to the level of Brahman.


It can work - if one can truly transcend the modes of nature, it seems possible thus to attain ultimate happiness.