Monday, August 25, 2008

At "Song of God"

In the ancient Vedic literatures it is said that the CAUSE AND ORIGIN of everything is Lord Krishna. The name Krishna means "All Attractive". If someone is exceptionally rich, famous, renounced, clever, strong, beautiful, then we find such a person to some extent attractive. Just imagine some one who is wealthiest, the most good looking, famous, renounced, strongest, most intelligent person in the universe. That person who has all these qualities to an unlimited degree, is called Krishna. He is so attractive that anyone who SINCERELY tries to know him will immediately become attracted to him. Krishna is God and is refferred by many names according to different languages and cultures such as Jehovah, Christos, Govinda and Allah. In Bhagavad Gita it is stated that any one who properly understands the pastimes of Lord Krishna will be able to leave this material world which is full of miseries and suffering and will return to his eternal abode.

Song of God is all about Lord Krishna, his qualities, his teachings, his pastimes etc and with some general news, views, music videos and some other information

Hare Krishna...