Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happiness in Krishna Consciousness

Srila Rupa Goswami divided happiness into three categories which are 1) Happiness derived from material enjoyment, 2) happiness derived from identifying oneself with the Supreme brahman and 3) Happiness derived from Krishna Consciousness.

Happiness of the materialist and even the impersonalists is inferior to happiness in Krishna Consciousness, because the former is temperory. There is no preventing one's falling down from material happiness and there is even chances of falling from the spiritual happiness of identifying oneself with the impersonal Brahman. It has been seen that even highly educated and almost self realized - may sometimes take to political activities or to social welfare activities. The reason is that they donot derive any ultimate transcendental happiness in the impersonal understanding and therefore must come down to the material platform and take to such mundane affairs.

Happiness derived from pure devotional service is the highest because it is ETERNAL. Prahlada Maharaja (a king) prayed to Lord Nrsimhadeva : "My dear lord, I repeatedly pray unto your lotus feet that I may simply be stronger in my devotional service because happiness derived from Krishna consciousness and devotional service is SO POWERFUL that one can have all other perfections of religiousness, economic development, sense gratification and even attainment of liberation from material existence. Actually a PURE devotee doesnot aspire after any of these perfections because happiness in Krishna Consciousness is so TRANSCENDENTAL and so UNLIMITED that no other happiness can compare to it.