Saturday, August 30, 2008

Where to Find Lord Krishna?

Hare Krsna

Lord Sri Krishna - Where to be found?

"I am the Self, O Gudakesha, seated in the hearts of all beings! I am the
beginning, the middle and also the end of all beings."

"Having become the fire Vaisvanara, I abide in the body of living beings and,
associated with the Prana and Apana, digest the food."

"And, I am seated in the hearts of all; from Me are memory, knowledge, as well
as their absence. I am verily that which has to be known by all the Vedas; I am
indeed the author of the Vedanta, and the knower of the Vedas am I."

"Abandoning all duties, take refuge in Me alone; I will liberate thee from all
sins; grieve not."

"Wherever there is Krishna, the Lord of Yoga, wherever there is Arjuna, the
archer, there are prosperity, happiness, victory and firm policy; such is my

-- Lord Krishna..