Saturday, September 20, 2008

One can become free from birth, death, old age and their distresses and can enjoy nectar even in this life

Lord Krishna says- "When the embodied being (living being) is able to transcend the Three Modes of nature ie.the mode of goodness, passion and ignorance, he can become free from birth, death, old age and their distresses and can enjoy nectar even in this life"

Arjuna inquired -"O my dear lord, by what symptoms is one known who is transcendental to these modes?, what is his behavior and how does he transcend the modes of nature?"

Lord Krishna says - "He who doesnot hate illumination, attachment and delusion when they are present, nor longs for them when they dissapear, who is seated like one unconcerned, being situated beyond these material reactions of the modes of nature, who remains firm, knowing that the modes ALONE are active, who regards alike pleasure and pain, and looks on a clod, a stone and a piece of gold with an equal eye, who is wise and holds praise and blame to be the same, who is unchanged in honor and dishonor, who treats friend and foe alike, who has abondoned all fruitive undertakings-SUCH a man is said to have transcended the modes of nature"


All above sounds so different and unrealistic but I firmly believe in the above contents, what I understand from above contents is that their is reaction and interaction to everything that we do under the sun, and hence these reactions results in some changes biologically, chemically in us which results in our bodies deteriorating, its obvious that as we are given these human life forms we are bound to act and use our body for various things but one who reaches that state of blissfullness knowing that he is in reallity only the soul and not this body though living in this body ,automatically disconnects from all the reactions that are happening with the body, in the body, may be this way our body will take much much longer time to get old than normally it does in our present life forms, because when we are situated in the self the chemical reactions within us that deteriorates our bodies may reduce drastically, see somewhere deep within this above mentioned knowledge given by Lord Krishna, their is something which can not taken just for granted, even the law of physics says that their is reaction to every action and that reaction is bound to result into something, in our human cases the result is childhood to youth, youth to old age and old age to disease / distress, we may not be able to 100% transcend the three modes of our nature but a few steps towards this direction can really do wonders as stated above, anyway......

Hare krishna...