Sunday, September 14, 2008

Suffering from depression and stress

If anyone is sufferring from painful depression and stress, the vedas say that chanting the hare krsna mantra can really do wonders. Causes of depression / anxiety is obviously due to negative thoughts that take control of our mind. we keep contemplating our mind with thoughts that make us happy and thoughts that causes distress.

Sounds simple that by just chanting the hare krsna mantra and remembering the beautiful form of Lord Krishna how is it going to work?. Depression as I understand is due to extreme negative approach towards life and anything that has negative also has positive attached to it. "Night" is there only because theres something we know as "daytime", the word "yes" exist because of the word "No". we understand that certain actions are "good" only because "bad" actions exist. God has provided us with "summer" season but has also given us the opposite "winter" season. So we may realise that our "mind" keeps experinting with the two "negative and positive" forces in our entire life span

But I wish I too was in totality Krishna conscious, the impact of both the good and bad, the night and day, the black and white, the yes and no, similarly the bad and good thoughts all this could reduces tremedously and we can experience bliss, our minds remain neutral and blissful in the thoughts of the wonderful form of "Lord Krishna" because he is not born as the day or night is born, he is not born like different seasons come and go, he is eternal, never ending, endless, he has no beginning, no end.

I wish I too was lucky enough to really able to concentrate in totality on the image of Lord Krishna, meditate, may be one fine day it happens to me also , anyway its obvious that in depression the mind is controlling the person and not the person controlling the mind hence mind will act and drag the individual back to baseless thoughts and make one suffer but still while remembering the form of lord and able concentrating on Krishna, bringing your mind back on the image of lord, this will go on and off in the beginning but with regular practice the depressed person will reach a stage when all the negative thoughts will start reducing and will finally vanish making one experince the highest bliss. This should work na?, what? , ya I think it works, no I mean it definetely will work..

Hare Krishna......