Monday, November 3, 2008

Really Interesting.....

  • With Intelligence one should seek out the constitutional position of the soul and then engage mind always in 'Krishna Consciousness', this solves the whole problem

  • Don't let the passage of 'day time and night time' effect your neutral/blissful position, how it sounds if we consider day time and night time together as ONE Single day and act accordingly

  • Attain spiritual happiness and not material happiness as material happiness is temperory and spiritual happiness is far superior

  • If, If we are truly concerned and love our loved ones, so why should we suffer when our loved ones leave there old / used bodies?, on the contrary they are getting new bodies ful of energy

  • You can succeed only if you know more than others

  • So, how could be Gods Nature?, what must be his nature like?, well may be this helps - "when one properly sees that in all activities, no other performer is at work other then the 3 modes of nature - goodness, passion, ignorance and when one knows that God is transcendental and beyond these 3 modes of nature then one attains Gods nature and knows the nature of God"


Above contents seem to be so effective if applied in day to day life giving us fantastic results....