Friday, November 27, 2009

The 9 governing planets

The Nine different planets that govern our destiny:

SUN - Royal by nature, gives fame, power, wealth, represents father, prosperity
MOON - Fickle, represents mother, emotions, colour white, silver, water, a favourable moon solves various problems
MARS - Ful of energy, represents courage, strength, status, colour red, wealth
MERCURY - Represents communication, interaction, business, trade, intellect, thought process, speech, marketing
JUPITER - Wisdom, knowledge, authority, luck, steadiness
VENUS - Beauty, wealth, luxury, diamonds, jewellery, media, art, music, flowers, comforts
SATURN - Being practical, balance, hard work, labour, Iron, strength, industry, electronics, foreign languages, factories
RAHU - Diplomacy, cheat, intellect, balance
KETU - Wisdom, luck, breaks, obstructions, knowledge

Saturn in virgo and Jupiter in capricorn seem to make things difficult, there can be more terror attacts, natural disastors, major accidents/ floods, financial/ economic problems around the globe, somehow I feel theres something special about saturn, if strong in the horoscope and if supportive can really do wonders, Saturn being the Son of "Sun" and the brother of the lord of death "Yama", seems to be an impressive personality, daring, rigid but at the same time co-operative once its in your favour.