Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Modes of Goodness and Passion...

Day to day life looks easier if we decide to remain connected with God. I mean actually if God decides to remain connected with us. Meditation... ? Does it really work?, just a thought arises that if in reality each and every human being meditates on regular basis, will that make a difference? Is it going to effect the atmosphere around ?, how would things look like ?, what would be the body language of all ?, how would people act, walk, talk, think under the influence of regular meditation ?, I mean if maximum number of people on earth start meditating. The mode of Ignorance would seem to be wiped out completely. The identity with the "self" will become more prominent. just a thought which I know is just not possible in this age of darkness "Kalyug". The Vedic astrology says to be in touch with the "Isht dev", Isht dev (Appropriate God) one can know from the birth chart. , anyway a beautiful song by elton john "Sacrifice", check out..

"Its no sacrifice, but a simple word, its two hearts living in two seperate worlds" WOW, what lyrics..