Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Few Words....

  • There can never be happiness without Prayers and Sacrifices
  • Following Six Opulences are required to become "All Attractive"
           a) Wealth

           b) Power
           c) Fame
           d) Beauty
           e) Wisdom
           f) Renunciation

  • In True Spiritual position neither happiness nor distress agitates one.
  • One of the ways to succeed is to know more than others
  • Love can remain Eternal with the feeling of how precious the Supreme and the living entitity is and how wonderful their company is or could be.
  • When one properly sees that in all activities no other performer is at work other than the three modes of material nature and he knows the God who is transcendental to all the three modes attains Gods nature.
  • Respect can be achieved only due to experience
  • Work done or action performed to satisfy the senses for sense gratification under the influence of false ego causes "Sin"
  • A person even who is going through phases of happiness in different walks of life still "dies"