Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some interesting information.

Our religious texts say..
1..Absorb in lord krishna or vishnu consciousness.

2..Every action should be devoid of desire for sense gratification. One should renounce all  
     material desires thus one niether acts for sense gratification nor engages in fruitive work

3.  Abandon all attachment to results of actions and ever satisfied perform no fruitive work
      and be satisfied of gain that comes of its own accord and also engage in devotional
      service to lord.

4..Remain steady in both success and failure.

5..The work performed should be unattached to the three modes of material nature.

6..The acts of sacrifice should never be given up and should be performed like no alcohol,
     no gambling, mind control, helping the needy, charity etc.

7..Do pranayam.

8. Without sacrifice one cannot live happily on rhis planet or in this life then what to talk of

9..Try practicing to always remain in a state of shutting out all external sense objects.

10.Mind is the friend of soul and his enemy as well. For him who has conquered his mind,
     mind is his best friend and to such a person happiness, distress, heat, cold, honour, dis
     honour all ate same..